The Parsons Family

About Mike

I was born and raised in Memphis Tennessee until the age of 13 when my family moved with the military to other parts of the country.  After returning to Memphis, I met my wife Pat while working our way through College.  Pat is an Electrical Engineering Designer.  Our son has been involved in music and Ministry since High School and as an accomplished musician having traveled throughout the world performing.  He has since received his Masters Degree and is the Director of Bands for one of the largest private Christian Schools in the Mid-South.

  Through the years I have owned and or managed many businesses.  I currently operate a successful Professional Construction Consultant business I founded 12 years ago.  I am a Licensed Tennessee General Contractor who has held most of the mechanical and engineering licenses offered in Tennessee.  I value my Mechanical Degree but realize the practical experience I possess makes all the difference.
 As an Adjunct Faculty member with Southwest Tennessee Community College, I developed and taught a course for Professional Home Inspectors.

As a manager of Federal Express over aircraft and trucking operations in East Tennessee, I demonstrated my ability to manage dozens of employees, recruited businesses to use FedEx services and administered a multi-million dollar budget.

I have played an active roll in Community Service all of my adult life. I am a former DEA, US Customs Search and Rescue Mission Pilot with the United States Air Force Civil Air Patrol.   

    I promote participation in the Locks of Love program for children stricken with cancer, and many local animal rescue groups.  I have been working to educate the public about the true nature of wolves for 32 years.  Recently I created a local radio talk show in 2008 that is dedicated to exposing corrution in government and restoring our constitutional rights and liberties.  It is on WLRM-1380-AM Monday -Friday at 3PM.  It is called The Voice of Truth with Mike Parsons.    

Solving Problems

I was able to persuade the Tipton County Election Commission to purge over 300 deceased registered voters from the rolls by comparing their list to that of the deceased citizens in the State Records. The first time in Tipton County history this had been done. Shelby County later followed this suggestion and purged over 3000 deceased voters who were still registered to vote.

Leadership For The Future

My real-world experience and background in business will allow me to lead the way in recruiting the businesses that will create new jobs in the community and allow sales taxes the stay in the county. This will benefit many citizens who wish to work closer to home and consumers who wish to drive less and support the local economy. Continued failure in this area will result in increases in property taxes and fees.

Mike Parsons

Building For The Future

   Pat and I bought a small farm in the southeast Tipton County several years ago and have lived and worked in the community long enough to see what is good and what is corrupt.  Having lived in Memphis most of my life and in other parts of the country I have a keen awareness of what works and what does not.  Because I am no ones puppet and I cannot be bought, I am looked down upon by the “Old Boy Network”.  The fact is the “old boy network" is only good for a select few.  Even those in the network realize they only have influence to a certain level.  They lose every time when opposed by someone higher in the network.  We can do better.  We must do better.  We will never attract a major manufacturer to the community with the cloud of corruption looming overhead.  If you have had enough of the empty suits, empty promises, indifference and neglect join my team.  If you want a county executive who will work hard for the good of the entire community vote Mike Parsons.

Mike & Locha

What others say about Mike:

“My wife and I have known Mike Parsons for almost 10 years and since the day we met, we have observed and come to believe that Mike is a very special individual.  His knowledge and compassion for all living things surpasses most others.  He is extremely down to earth and will go out of his way to take time to help his fellow man with any problem or question he or she may have.  Mike is a self made businessman who is energetic with a positive can-do attitude, who is not afraid to stand up for what is right.  He will not back down from corrupt “business as usual” politics.  He is a spiritual man of prayer that has a loving wife that is behind his every endeavor.  We feel that Mike has great ideas with the common sense, passion and perseverance to see them through.”    
- Alan and Jackie Slayton

"My husband and I first met Mike 8 years ago and he has been a friend ever since.  However, we do not support him on that basis alone.  He is fair-minded, honest and compassionate.  His commitment to bettering our community has been so inspiring that for the first time in our personal voting experience, we don't fell we are voting for the lesser of two evils.  Mike is absolutely the man for the job.  We feel secure with the future of our community safely in his hands."
- Mrs. Patricia Baxter

"I just wanted to say that while visiting a friend in nearby Brighton, Tennessee a few years ago; I have memories of meeting Mike and his wife Pat and their being so nice to me showing me all over their new home they were building and the views. Mike is truly a man who stands by what he believes in. I pray he wins his election, as he is a kind, smart and stands his ground."                                                                                                          - Reverend Tee Andrews

"I have known Mike Parsons for 20 years.  I know him to be honest and straight forward. We met while serving in the US Air Force, Civil Air Patrol.  We flew for the D.E.A. and US Customs on many drug missions.  Mike understands the problem with drugs in the community.  I have had many business dealings with Mike and found him to be a man of his word."
- Jerry Thomas Thomas Brothers Excavation

Mike & Wolves

I have personally owned and studied wolves for nearly 32 years.  They have always been a part of our family.

My Native American ancestors kept and domesticated wolves throughout their existence as one of the seven Cherokee Clans.  The Wolf Clan; so named because of their strong identification to the wolf.  The wolves helped with hunting, protection and most importantly child care.  My wife has been involved in this effort for 26 years and has contributed with research of historical fact finding.  I was personally involved in the relocation of Canadian wolves to Yellowstone National Park in the mid 90's.  I have been, and am available to do lectures and presentations at local schools on the topic of The History of Wolves in North America. 

Parsons and Wolves

It is our goal to educate and inform the public about the true nature of the wolf and dispel the false myths.  From time to time we have pups available for families to adopt.  All of our pups sold through the years have made great family companion animals.  Some of our pups have even gone on to be ambassadors in the community including the mascot for the Cordova Wolves football team and Rossville High School.  They have made great companion animals for children and adults with cancer, autism and many other conditions where a special nature is needed.  We have even had some of our wolf hybrids go on to be in the movies including the two wolves used in the making of the movie, Dances With Wolves.  Yes, those were wolf hybrids from our pack.