Mike Parsons Under Attack from the Tipton Elite

On Monday, September 24, 2007 two of our dogs got out of the fenced area in the back yard and were running around on our property in front of our home. My wife Pat and I were outside when this happened.  We began rounding them up when we heard gun shots toward the front of our property. Pat ran down the driveway to the front and I ran down the south side of our property to investigate. I went over to the neighbor’s field south of our property where the shots appeared to be coming from.

 As I got to the top of the hill I saw a heavy-set man in a white shirt and shorts shooting an assault rifle with a long, high capacity, "banana" clip. The shooter who was later identified by the Tipton County Sheriff’s Department as Barry Laxton, was shooting at our dogs Brandi and Dude, both of which were swimming in the pond at the road more than 200 feet north of where he was standing.  It should be noted that Pat was now in the wooded area at the front of our property adjacent to the pond looking for the two dogs at the time of the shooting and therefore, unknowingly was in imminent danger from the shots Laxton fired onto our property. 

I began yelling at him to stop shooting.

Mike Parsons Under Attack from the Tipton Elite

Our dog Brandi heard my voice and left the pond and ran in my direction to the east. She never ran toward Laxton, and as she ran around the pond to me, Laxton looked at me and then moved toward Brandi and continued shooting at her as she ran toward me up the hill.  I yelled repeatedly for him to stop shooting at my dog. I ran toward her as she ran to me. As she got closer, I heard the shots flying past me so I removed my handgun from the holster and fired one round to my right side at the ground. Again I screamed "stop shooting."  He fired two more shots at us and then stopped. I counted more than 30 shots fired at Brandi and me before he stopped.

At the moment the shooting stopped Brandi made it to me and collapsed at my feet.  I grabbed her as she took her last breath.  She looked up at me with an expression as if to say "Daddy, I was trying to come home."  I counted 5 wounds in her side and in the back of her legs.  She had no wounds in her chest or face.

I held her for a moment and then noticed Laxton was with someone else next to a truck by the Helicopter Hanger where Laxton, the shooter, had been.  I knew Dude was still in the area but was not sure where.  I had to find him before they shot him as well.

I did not see Laxton holding the rifle at this point so I went down the hill to where he and the other man were. I then noticed the other man had a gun in his hand and I told him to put it down. Then I asked, "Where is my other dog?  And, where is Laxton's gun?" I told Laxton I was making a citizen’s arrest.  I then looked in the open window of the truck for the rifle.  I saw no rifle but did see a handgun holster.  As I confiscated it I noticed the two men approaching me. 

Now, knowing they both likely had handguns, I told them to stop.  I told them they were threatening me and to take their hands out of their pockets.  As they advanced I took my handgun from the holster and pointed it at the ground. They stopped their advance.  I repeated, "Where are your guns?" The man with the maroon shirt that read  "helicopter wing" said that he worked there, that his gun was in his pocket and that my dog went that away, pointing to the north in the direction of my property. This man was later identified by the Tipton County Sheriff’s Department as Nick King.

I was threatened because they refused to remove their hands from their pants or get rid of their guns. So I backed to the rear of the truck.  That was when I noticed the assault rifle Laxton had been shooting was lying in the back.  As I confiscated the rifle, Laxton and King ran to the rear of the hanger.  I ran back to Brandi and took her back to our property.

While crossing our field Pat called and said she was now at the house and needed help.  With Brandi’s coat full of water from the pond she was heavier than I could run with so I laid her under a pine tree and ran to help Pat.  I called a friend and family members to come over to be witnesses because three years earlier another neighbor shot and killed another one of our dogs and the deputies assaulted me and would not arrest those who shot our dog.  It appears that a few people who live around us have conspired to shoot and kill our dogs if they see them out and then the Sheriff’s department covers for them.  

My past experience with these people leads me to believe they are not afraid of our dogs, but they are just mad we bought this property and they did not.  Neither we nor our dogs have done anything to these people and their hostile attacks against us and our dogs are unjustified.

Our animals are very gentle and have never tried to harm anyone.

Assault Rifles

The Cover-Up

The fact that the arresting officer (Walls), stated he was charging and arresting me without bond, all at the direction of General Sessions Court Judge William Peeler indicates a clear violation of due process.  

The cannon of ethics prevent a Judge from deciding or making a ruling over a case he has already make a decision on or ruled on.  In this case, Peeler made the decision to have me arrested and then months later Peeler ruled against me at the probable cause hearing clamming there was probable cause.  Despite my objections to Peeler hearing the matter at the probable cause hearing, (sighting he had already ruled on this matter at the scene which made his ruling again in this matter a violation of ethic, and the fact that he had a financial interest in this case because of my law suit challenging the 2006 election that could void the election and force him to run again where he could be challenged and he could lose), Peeler denied my motion for him to recuse himself and ruled against me.

The fact is there was a rigged investigation that night. The officers were not paying attention to what I was telling them. They ignored the three felonies I informed them I had witnessed Laxton commit.  They refused to go with me to see Brandi and they did not even let my wife tell them what she saw and take her statement.  Even though the officers did not witness anything, they had their minds made up and did not want to be confused with facts.

While I was being transported to the jail the officer asked where I had left Brandi. I said I would have to show him. Then after I was being booked in the jail the officer told the jailers to, "give him back his stuff; we have to take him back to look for the dog." I asked, "was I un-arrested?" And he said "kind of." He then took me back to my property and I took them to where I had laid Brandi under a pine tree on my property.  I had marked the tree with a broken branch so I could easily find her.  However, she was not there.  And while the officers were supposed to be looking for Brandi, deputy Walls and Investigator Nesley were heard saying, "It would be better if it rained." Rain would actually destroy evidence. But then, that was what they were hoping for. 

Then, one deputy said "I found her".  But, immediately another deputy made a shush sound as if to tell that person to be quite.  Then 4 seconds later, (enough time for them to see she was not shot in the front, a condition that would have supported Laxton’s lie that Brandi charged at him) someone said it was not her. That it was "a possum."  Brandi, is a 65 pound wolf hybrid that was over 6 foot long nose to tail and looked nothing like a possum that would have been about 10 pounds or the size of a house cat.  Then, after he said it was a possum I started to walk over to that area where the officer said "I found her" but Inspector Richard Nesley, said that we had looked long enough and that we had to leave.  He called off the search and told everyone to leave the field.  I was then taken back to jail.  However, Brandi was found in the exact spot where the deputy said, “I found her” three days later when I was released from jail.

When I found Brandi, I took her to our veterinarian for and examination and X-rays.  I then took Brandi to Nashville for a necropsy at the State Animal Medical Examiner.  The medical examiner Dr. Tina Fisher identified multiple bullet fragments on the X-ray in her and affirmed that she had not been shot in the front area.  The doctor reported Brandi had on a collar with a rabies tag and a Home Again Companion Animal Retrieval System tag.  Even Brandi’s metal sutures from where she had been spayed at the age of one were recovered.  Brandi would have been 7 years old in April.

Several factors would lead one to believe this was not a botched investigation, but a deliberate cover up by the deputies and Investigator Nesley.


  1. On Thursday, September 27, the Investigator, Richard Nesley, stated he had no statement from me in spite of the fact one was given to the Deputies that night.
  2. Inspector Nesley never asked me for a statement that night when he met me.
  3. When I informed Investigator Nesley I had found Brandi three days later, he refused to come out and take photos of the scene where she lay or to identify the location of her wounds as he had said he would do the night of the 24h.
  4. I was arrested for defending my family while Laxton killed our dog Brandi, shot at me, threatened me and recklessly endangered my wife by shooting onto our property where she was standing, as well as the rest of the people living in the area by shooting over 30 rounds into the air at my property.
  5. That Laxton was never charged is a clear indication of the corrupt old boy network in action. Laxton is a friend of Jeff Huffman, whom I ran against for County Executive and who at that time, I was suing to challenge the election of 2006 for fraud.

It was clear the deputies and Nesley had made up their minds, and did not want to see any evidence that might mess up their case against me. 

According to an article in the Covington Leader, Laxton stated he shot into the "uninhabited wooded area." That would be the front of our property where just beyond the trees is our home.  There were also over 80 homes within a half mile of where he was shooting. The listed deadly range of the 22 long rifle ammo he shot at us is 1.5 miles or 7920 feet.  If he was shooting from his yard as he claimed, he would have had to shoot across two other neighbors’ properties to reach our property.

Would this not be reckless endangerment? When he saw me and continued to shoot in my direction, was that not aggravated assault?  Shooting into our property and then crossing the street onto the next door neighbor’s property which he does not own clearly is an indication that he was not afraid.  He was hunting down my dogs because he felt he could get away with it.

The fact is I never shot at anyone.  I never touched anyone.  I never got closer than 30 feet to them.  Contrary to the police report I did not point my gun at their face or tell them to get on their knees.  In fact, in Laxton’s and King’s own hand-written reports the night of the event, they say nothing about having a gun pointed at their face or having been told to get on their knees, or being able to see  the spirals of the barrel of the gun.  That did not happen.  That is the manufactured Hollywood lies they would latter testify under oath to demonize me.   Would you not think they would have remembered those things the night of the event?  Of course they would have.  The fact is those things never happened. Those were fabricated by the Deputies, Laxton and King to justify the arrest and for the purposes of covering the crimes Laxton and King committed and to create dramatic newspaper headlines.  It sounds more like something one would see in a Hollywood movie.

The fact is, I was denied bond and forced to stay in jail for two days. The fact is that my bond was set high, ($5,000.00).   A bond is based on flight risk and the fact is I am not a flight risk. I am a local land and business owner and involved in bettering the community.

I recall recently hearing about someone who shot a person in the head in the county and was given the same $5,000.00 bond without delay and they were out of jail in a few hours.

Also, did Mr. Burnett knowingly allow Laxton and King to be armed at his property and shoot at us?  And more importantly, did they have a carry permit to legally go armed in the community? NO.

Distortions by the local paper

On September 28, 2007, The Covington Leader published a libelous and deceptive article full of lies and distortion in an apparent effort to demonize me and my family.  Their referencing my arrest and my run for County Executive only proves their intent to assassinate my character and reputation in the community prior to a potential new election if I had won the challenge of the election in court. 

The fact that I called the Covington Leader to give Greg Little a statement two days before that article was released and his not returning my call indicated he was not interested in getting both side of the issue.

The fact that the article in the paper stated this was their property is a false.  Laxton lives across the street from this property and King works there as an employee of the helicopter wing.  Neither of these two men lives at nor owns the property where Laxton shot at me and my wife and killed Brandi. The owner is Allen Burnett.

The article in the Covington Leader states that, "Deputies went to Parsons’ house and found him at home, where they placed him under arrest on the four felony counts". That statement published by The Covington Leader is totally false.  The fact is, I called the Deputy’s via a friend who was at the street and I informed them I was bringing them the assault rifle I had confiscated.  The arrest occurred in the street and not on our property. They never came to our home.

Again, such deceptive reporting of these events by The Covington Leader is malicious and libelous on its face.  They are nothing more than a shield for the old boy network.

The Grand Jury

On July 06, 2008, I went before the Grand Jury in Tipton County to present evidence against the man who shot and killed our dog Brandi and who also shot at my wife and me in the process.  I also presented evidence against Officer Walls, the officer who filed a false report, and Nick King, the friend of Laxton who lied under oath, and the assistant DA who had exculpatory evidence (evidence that would support me and show that what I did was in self defense, and completely within the law and legally the charges against me should be dismissed) but would not recognize that evidence.  Half way through my presentation, jury foreman, Oscar Brooks (who has been the Grand Jury foreman for many years, as appointed by the judge, in spite of the law stating that the foreman would be chosen at random and sit no more than two years), said that he had a question for the DA and he would be back in a moment.  He then walked out of the room, but I could hear him talking to someone outside the door.  He returned a few minutes later, and I spent the next twenty minutes completing my presentation.

 Upon completion, I left the jury room and was met by two deputies. Deputy Jeff Fletcher said that he had a Capias (warrant) for my arrest for two counts of aggravated kidnapping. I asked to see the document in his hand, which appeared to be a blank piece of paper.  I said "That’s a blank sheet of paper, and there’s no signature on it." I asked to see it again, but the officer refused.  I asked if I could call my wife and let her know what was going on and give my things to my father and the officer said to go ahead.  While I was handing my things to my father and making a call, several other officers surrounded me and one of them said "quit resisting."The officer then began yelling "Quit resisting."  I was still handing my things to my father when several of the officers jumped on me.  I was not resisting, but I did say that they were choking me.  I was also charged with resisting arrest, however, that charge was later dropped because the video recording proved that I did not resist, but was just standing there. 

Because I was arrested on the kidnapping charges and they would not let me out on bond until I submitted to a DNA test.  This is a violation of the 5th amendment to the constitution.

Michael Robins

On January 9th, 2009, I presented a motion to the Tipton County Circuit Court to appoint the public defender for legal counsel due to the fact that I was not able to find legal counsel willing to come to Tipton County or their cost was beyond my capability.  At that time the court required me to provide a financial statement, which I did, as well as an order by the Tennessee Supreme Court allowing me to precede Informa Papurous.  However, Michael Robins was then appointed as legal counsel by the court.  As instructed by the court, I contacted Mr. Robins.  Upon first contact, Mr. Robins was argumentative when I tried to convey the facts of the case to him.  After Mr. Robins' explosive behavior, he stated that he could not represent me.  Therefore, I returned to the court and informed the bailiff of what occurred.  He went to speak to the judge and then returned to tell me the judge would appoint someone else in a couple of days.  As instructed, I contacted the clerk’s office on Tuesday, January 13th and was told that the judge had not informed them of a different appointment.  I was later contacted by Mr. Robins and told that he had talked to the public defender’s office and that he could represent me after all because he now knew what the case was about.  I then scheduled an appointment with him for January 19th at which time I met with him for two hours answering his questions, but again I was not allowed to tell him fully what had occurred on September 24, 2007 or July 8, 2008.  We made another appointment for January 21st. Mr. Robins also informed me that he was assigned to my case because there was a conflict of interest with the public defender’s office because of evidence that they overheard that would be relevant to my case.  On January 21st, I called Mr. Robins to let him know that I was running a few minutes late.  However, he did not remember scheduling the meeting and was not ready to meet with me.  He stated that he would review the information that I had given to him and then he would schedule another appointment.

On February 3rd, Mr. Robins called to schedule an appointment for 9:00AM the next day on the 4th. While talking to Mr. Robins, he became argumentative and threatened to tell the court that I was not being cooperative because I refused to plead guilty to a crime I was not guilty of.  When I met with him the following day, he stated that there was in fact no conflict with the public defender’s office representing me and also that he would not keep information that I gave him in confidence from the DA’s office.  It was obvious he was acting more as an ad to the DA as opposed to working for me.  Over the next couple of months, several attempts were made to contact each other to schedule an appointment and finally on March 26th, 2009, Mr. Robins informed me that he wanted to talk, but not over the phone.  I asked him if he had filed any motions for my case because time was running out for discovery.  He said that he had not, therefore I told him that because of his failure to do the basic things required to represent someone, i.e. gather discovery, allow the client to explain fully what happened, wanting me to plead guilty to something I did not do etc.,  I was going to request that he be removed as counsel.  I then filed a motion to remove Mr. Robbins and argued the motion but only when I informed the court that I had filed a complaint with the Board of Professional Responsibility did the Judge remove Mr. Robbins.  I requested he appoint the public defender’s office but again he did not.  He appointed Rebecca Mills.

Rebecca Mills

Rebecca Mills is an attorney who lives and practices in Lauderdale County, the county north of Tipton County.  Over 50 mile away from where I live making meeting her impractical.  I first met with her on April 22nd, 2009. During our consultation, she revealed several things that brought into question her ability to be an effective legal counsel, i.e. her lack of experience with criminal cases and her lack of trial experience.  The fact that she stated that she did not know the statute for self-defense and did not know that a person could exercise a citizen’s arrest were of great concern.  Not only was she unfamiliar with the TCA code relating to these issues but she also made it clear she did not think people should have guns, only law enforcement and the Military.  Ms. Mills stated that her time was limited because of her workload and that she had just finished a criminal trial that wore her out and she did not want to go through that again.  She said she really preferred to do social security claim cases.  Because of these and a few other reasons, she stated that she would want someone else representing her in this type of case and would have no problem if I requested someone else to represent me.

On her advice, I filed a motion to remove her and quoted her statements to me verbatim. 

On April 24th, I argued this motion with Ms. Mills present in the court.  However, Ms. Mills denied saying the things she said the previous day.  When she and I were seated in the court house lobby I asked her why she did not tell the court those things she told me the previous day.  She denied saying them.  I said remember the first day we met and I told you I record everything related to this case?  I said that I recorded our conversation and if she wanted I could make her a CD with the conversation.  She saw the recorder in my hand and asked if I was recording her now.  I said I recorded the motion hearing in court and I was recording our conversation now.  At that moment she lunged at me grabbing my hand trying to take the recorder and hit me with her elbow in my chest.  I held onto the recorder, slid back from her, stood and moved away from her.  I told her that she assaulted me and she needed to tell the judge what she had done.  I then went into the court room to wait until the judge was finished with the case before him so I could notify him of the attack on me by Ms. Mills.  He then took a break and when I told the bailiff Fletcher that I needed to address the court he said the court was not going to hear anything more about my case that day.  I then left and called the Covington Police Department.  An officer arrived and I gave him a statement and filed a complaint.  There was a video of the assault that the police got from the court house and according to the Covington Police Chief, they were presenting it to the DA Mike Dunavant but they felt he would not do anything with it because they all knew Ms. Mills.  I also filed a complaint with the Board of Professional Responsibility against Ms. Mills at this time. 

Then, on May 5th, I received notice of a Motion for a psychiatric evaluation that was filed on April 28th by Ms. Mills without my knowledge.  I also received notice that on May 1st, 2009, Ms. Mills had proceeded to argue that motion without my knowledge or authorization.  On May 13th, the judge signed an order for the psychiatric evaluation with a Dr Wyatt Nichols for May 27th at 1:00PM at the request of Ms. Mills.  (I view this as an effort of her to prevent me from representing myself and or a way to try to take away my 2nd amendment rights as she is anti-gun.)  However, in the court notice, an incorrect address was provided and no phone number was provided for Mr. Nichols.  The day of this appointment I entered the address provided by the court into my GPS but is said that it was an invalid address.  I called information and they had no listing for a Wyatt Nichols in Memphis.  I then called the Tipton County Court Clerk for a correct address of phone number for Nichols but they had none and stated the judge was not there. 

Telling the truth, stating facts and giving an opinion is a psychological defect

They are now trying to force me into being hospitalized for psychotherapy because I mentioned the fact that my law suit challenging the 2006 Topton County General election for fraud, (which could have forced a new election and cause the Sherriff of Tipton County, Poncho Chumley both General Sessions Judge William Peeler, Circuit Court Judge Joe Walker, the DA Mike Dunavant and the County Executive Jeff Huffman to run in another election where they might lose if the votes were properly counted) was a potential reason to the motivation of the shooters attack on my family.

According to a report by Dr. Wyatt Nichols; (who has a long history as being known as a tool of the state); Mike Parsons could be the worst case he has seen in 30 years of practice.  I shared this letter with a psychiatrist who once attended church with me and he stated that I would be an enigma to Dr. Nichols because Nichols only evaluates those who have a criminal mind set.  He said I was one of the sanest men he knows.

Then on July 6, 2009 I went to a Court Hearing where my court appointed attorney, (tool of the state) Ms. Mill stated she wanted to follow the recommendation of Dr. Nichols regardless of the fact that Dr. Nichols stated his evaluation was incomplete.  Then I tried to address the court, but Judge Joe Walker denied me that ability and said to talk through your attorney.  I then provided a copy of the forensic evaluation completed by Dr. John Ciocca on July 5, 2009 which stated I was capable of going through a trial and was capable of assisting with my representation to Mills.  When I received a copy of Dr. Nichols report on July 03, 2009 I realized it was a sham, containing many lies including the statement that Mike only gave short responses to questions.  I then called the 1st forensic psychologist in the phone book able to do a fair evaluation without being expected to provide a specific outcome.  All I wanted was an unbiased opinion.  All Ms. Mills wants is someone to give a negative response so she can prevent me from testifying.  It was interesting that her handpicked Dr.  said I gave short answers which he implies is a problem.  The fact is anyone that knows me knows I give long detailed answers.  My life’s experiences and studies in engineering, sciences, history and law have provided me a unique prospective in many areas.  This is part of the reason I have had no trouble with having things to say on the radio show.  However, Mills did not want to accept Dr. Ciocca’s evaluation and now wanted the court to order a third evaluation.  Talk about shopping for an outcome.   By virtue of her actions it is obvious she is trying to shut me up by any means possible.  Having two different doctors request the same thing is all that is required to have someone committed.  

I should state for the record that I was the host of a local radio talk radio show, The Voice of Truth for the past 9 months.  That is until the station owner at 1380 AM pulled the plug on my show in what appears to have been an apparent reaction to political pressure.  Seeing how my show is the only local radio talk show in the area dedicated to exposing corruption in government and restoring our constitutional rights and liberties I have been referred to as the most dangerous man to the old boy network by shining the light of truth on the local corruption.  Some of my shows have been archived at mikeparsons.org, click on The Voice of Truth, then click on radio Archives.  On September 1, 2009, I was allowed to start my show again on 1380 Monday – Friday at 3pm but was told I could not talk about my case or they would shut me off.  This forced condition is not in our contractual agreement.  So much for Freedom of Speech Radio…which is the station’s motto.

Two courts at one time

As a result of my missed appointment on May 27th 2009, Judge Walker sent me notice to show cause, filed May 27, 2009 and scheduled the hearing for Friday June 5th, 2009. I received this notice on Monday June 1st 2009. Rule 45 states that any hearing must be served at least 5 days prior to the hearing and the date the notice is received is not counted nor is the day the hearing is to be heard on counted. The fact is I already had a court date in Memphis for the same date and time. I tried to reach Ms. Mills to inform her of this conflict in scheduling, but she did not return my call so I faxed her a motion for a continuance for the court date in Tipton County since I was not given the proper amount of notice, and the hearing in Memphis was to prepare for the trial scheduled for Monday, June 8th, 2009 and the Judge in that case warned against missing that hearing. On Friday June 05, 2009 I called the Tipton County Court Clerk to inform them I was running late because of the hearing in Memphis but I would be there about two hours late. When I arrived two hours late in Tipton County, I was arrested by Tipton County Chief Deputy Donna Mills who told me I was being arrested on a Capius for Failure to Appear. I informed her about the hearing in Memphis and that I had a personal business card given to me by Judge Kay Robilio in my pocket to show Judge Walker that I was in fact in her court. Latter I learned that my bond had been revoked and that Judge Walker would be in Lauderdale County until July 6th. The capious stated that the person being arrested should be brought before the magistrate of Judge immediately. I was never taken before the Judge in this case; I was taken to the jail. I was never arraigned. However, I was informed that the Judge did show up for special hearings on Monday, June 8th and he was aware I was in the jail and that he was called by Judge Robilio personally and told that I was in her court room on Friday the 5th of June at 9:30 am. While in jail, I was told by several of the inmates that the bailiff told the court that he called the Shelby County Court Clerk and I was not on their docket for Friday the 5th of June. That was a lie because I was on the docket for Division 5 of Circuit Court Civil before Judge Kay Robilio.

Held in Jail for 22 days

Initially I was told I was being held without bond. Then on June 25, 2009, Ms. Mills came to see me for the first time and told me that I had a bond of 50,000 that was set on the 15th of June. This was now ten days after it was issued by the Judge. The Jailers never told me there was a bond nor did Mills. The bond was issued upon a motion by Ms. Mills on June 15, 2009 but she never told me it was issued. I lost 20 pounds while in jail for 22 days.

Judge eliminates proper legal counsel two weeks before the trial and denies continuance

On October 31st, Ms. Mills notified me via e-mail that if I wanted to use the audio recording I made at the scene that exonerates me she would ask the court the remover her as legal counsel in the strongest possible way. Considering I have told her since the 1st day I spoke to her I would use this recording, I was not surprised she would bail on me. She has consistently worked against me, so why should I expect her to do anything different? Then on November 02, 2009 Ms. Mills moved the court to release her as legal counsel sighting we had different views. The judge allowed her to be removed and when I asked to be provide legal counsel to assist me he appointed her as elbow counsel. This is nothing more than a manufactured way to remove her from any responsibility but still have her there to prevent any competent legal assistance. I argued that I was entitled to proper legal counsel and that I needed time to prepare for the case. The judge denied my request. Can you say railroad?

Last attempt for a continuance filed as expert witness gives notice she cannot be at trial

On November 12, 2009 I was informed the Medical Examiner with the State contacted Ms. Mills and the PI appointed to the case and said she had an emergency surgery the next day and could not travel for several weeks.  Today I will argue my motion to continue the case sighting the Medical Examiner being a material witness who was subpoenaed in this case cannot be there for medical reasons and that Ms. Mills now says she will only be near me during the trial to answer questions, but nothing else despite the judge giving her no limitations in assisting me. 

Update:  The judge denied my motion for a continuance:  He did not care that my fact witness was not able to come to town to testify that my dog was shot in the back.  That and the angle prove she was no where the shooter.   

This is Tipton County Corruption at its finest, or worst depending on your prospective.

The trial is set for November 19, 2009 in Covington Tennessee at the Court house on College Street.  I am facing the false charge of aggravated kidnapping.  All for telling someone who shot at my family to stop shooting and that they are under citizen’s arrest.  I face a potential 25 years at 100%.  They are trying to declare me an especially egreegis offender.

I call for every concerned citizen and pet owner to speak out and stand with us against this cover-up of the brutal slaughter of our innocent pet, Brandi, and these unjust charges against me. This unprovoked attack against our family is an orchestrated criminal attack against my family and ultimately against all the people of Tipton County.