January 26, 2017

In compliance with Executive Order 13132 (“Federalism”) signed by President Bill Clinton on August 10, 1999 Section 2: “(d) The people of the States are free, subject only to restrictions in the Constitution itself or in constitutionally authorized Acts of Congress, to define the moral, political, and legal character of their lives.”

I hereby define my political and legal characters as follows:

Be it known by all, that I Michael Wayne Parsons, as a living flesh and blood man that on this day of 23 in the month of June and the year 2015 do hereby give notice to all in the world that I am not a citizen of the United States, nor any corporation posing as government such as STATE OF TENNESSEE CORPORATION. Any who wish to challenge this admission must do so by responding to this notice within 30 days of publication. Notice is also given to any one in the world who may have a contract (or unsigned presumed contract) under the above name, that this notice serves as an addendum to all contracts or presumptions ab initio, in which the signatory name may (or may not) appear. Notice that the following be included as part and above the perceived signatory name which is in fact an autograph with or without the notice “without prejudice, UCC1-207, UCC1-308 or …, which indicates done under threat, duress and coercion rendering it a void contract and all of my God given rights are reserved.”

Let it be known to all that this notice also serves to rebut any presumption that any Federal, State, County or Municipality or and Corporation posing as government in including but not limited to any and all STATE OF___, COUNTY OF___ CITY OF ___ COUNTRY OF___ etc, has authority (parens patriae) over any of my family or property.

Let it be known that as a flesh and blood living man I can not see communicate with any corporations as they are non-living fictions on paper and in the minds of fools, and as such, I can only reply to living flesh and blood men and woman.

All return address or responses to be addressed as follows. Notice – all three line addresses will be returned to senders.
Line 1 Michael Wayne Parsons
Line 2 P.O. Box 655
Line 3 Arlington, Tennessee [38002]
Line 4 (united States of America)

May 3, 2006

I, Mike Parsons, Candidate for Tipton County Executive am pleased to announce that according to Tipton County Election Commission Personnel, they have recently purged over 300 registered voters from the rolls in Tipton County who were listed on a state list of deceased citizens of the State of Tennessee. 

At the January 2006, Tipton County Election Commission Meeting, I spoke before the members of the commission, encouraging them to exercise every option available to them to secure an accurate vote in the upcoming election.  I asked what they were doing to assure that no votes would be cast in the names of persons who were no longer living.  The Election Commissioner stated they were removing names that appeared in The Covington Leader obituary list.  I suggested making a comparison of the state and federal Social Security list of deceased persons with the existing list of registered voters in Tipton County.  I also suggested working to pass a law that would require a state photo ID and also to allowing poll watchers to observe the sign-in rolls to verify that signatures and credentials are accurate for every voter.  For those who say it would be an inconvenience to some voters to have to go to the TDOT to have a photo id made, perhaps we could coordinate with TDOT to have their digital camera and computer equipment available at the election commission office during early voting and have one of the election commission personnel or TDOT personnel make ID’s. 

“Without total assurance that every vote cast is from a legitimate voter, there is no guarantee of the accuracy of any election.”  Recent voter fraud in the Senatorial District 29 race in Shelby County revealed what appears to be a conspiracy by persons posing as registered voters who were actually dead or did not even live in the district and the poll workers who allowed them to cast votes.  Even the Shelby County Election Commission, who is charged to assure the accuracy of the election, was conspicuously asleep at the wheel. 

Short of a biometric or retinal scan we should continue to do everything we can to assure the integrity of the election results.  The credibility of the Election Commission and the legitimacy of the upcoming elections are at stake.

I commend the Tipton County Election Commission for taking this historic step in the right direction, ( According to Tipton County Election Commission Personnel, this is the first time they have ever compared the stated death list to their voter poll list.) and encourage them to obtain death lists from the state and federal government again before the upcoming election and then again before every future election to purge deceased voters from the rolls to assure illegal proxy voting is eliminated. 

Mike Parsons

Candidate for Tipton County Executive.

901-476-6456    P.O. Box 151 Brighton Tennessee 38011