September 2009

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September 7th

Potential forced inoculation of the public with H1N1 and Flu vaccines and review an article in the local publication yesterday in the Local News Section B States” Local schools will turn into public health clinics starting next month as officials launch a mass effort to vaccinate tens of thousands of people against the H1N1 flu virus, also know as swine flu.

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September 10th

Expose the psycological conditioning by government media. When a few die of underlying health problem, the media states the Swin Flu claimed their lives. DHS announces girl scout will be used for government service. Health Care Bill HR3200 esposed: VeriChip buys medical data company: Galatians: 4,16

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October 2009

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October 4th

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October 27th

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Connecting the dots. Native American influences to the U.S. Constitution. The true causes for the Revolutionary War. The truth about wolves. The difference about being a free soverign and a citizen. Basic preperation for Martial Law. Quotes from the powerful. Truth, the mortal enomy of a corrupt government.

November 2009

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Todays show was pre-recorded. Why? Because today I am literally standing before the giant with just a sling and a stone in the Tipton County Court fighting the corrupt government who are trying to steal my liberty for exposing their corruption. Therefore we have a tribal lawyer who works for pro-se litigants in the courts. However, he was not able to prove he has any success.

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