Volunteering & Contributions

Thank you to all who went to Covington to early vote and especially those who stood in line for hours to vote on Election Day.  If you saw the early election returns shown on Channel 5 in Memphis on election night, you are aware that I had over 4200 votes and almost 80% of the vote.  However, the following morning, news reports indicated I received just over 3000 votes.  This combined with several violations of election law by the Tipton County Election Commission left me with no alternative but to challenge the election.  Currently the case is in Appellate Court and I am representing myself.  This law suit asks to void the August 03, 2006 general election and order a new one. 

If nothing else, my challenge brought to the forefront the inequity of having early voting at only one end of the county and the impact not having enough machines made on the August 03 election.  As a result, this law suite has forced the Election Commission to provide early voting in the south end of the county.  Something that had been long rejected by the Election Commission, County Commission and the County Executive.  No doubt they saw the potential of being forced to provide this service as a result of my law suite and therefore, to save them the embarrassment chose to provide early voting.  The down side was they eliminated two of the largest voting locations in the south end of the county and combined them into a smaller location with less than 15 parking spaces.

Pursuing required legal action to correct a corrupted election is very time consuming, not to mention costly.  That coupled with working to repay a personal loan to my campaign that exceeds $20,000.00 has put a tremendous hurdle ahead of me.  This is why I am asking for your help.  Those who know me know asking for financial help is the hardest thing that I have to do.  However, together with your support we have an opportunity to solve the problems that effect the credability of this and future elections. 

1000 contributions of $20.00 each would clear this debt.

Your financial support will allow me to continue my efforts in this matter and together we can build a strong foundation for our future through responsible leadership and restore the trust between the citizens of Tipton County and county government.

Thank you for you prayerful consideration in this matter.


Mike Parsons

Opportunities for Volunteers and Contributors

      1. Share Mike's Vision for Tipton County with your friends, family and neighbors and encourage them to vote for Mike during early voting. 
      2. Host a neighborhood meeting with Mike to discuss the issues and share your concerns.
      3. Host a fund raiser event for Mike.
      4. Request a yard sign or road sign for your property.
      5. Sponsor a yard or road sign for you and a friend.
      6. Contribute directly to the campaign for other needs.

Please sent all campaign contributions to:

Mike Parsons

P.O. Box 655, Arlington, Tennessee 38002

Due to many incidents of mishandled mail in Tipton County, including almost half of my campaign mailer not being delivered to the voters in the south end of the county and mail not delivered to our P.O. Box in Brighton, we are now using my business mailing address.  It is amazing to what lengths some have gone to prevent my message and contributions to my campaign from being delivered .

To schedule an event or volunteer, please call my cell phone 901-353-MIKE (6453), e-mail correspondence to mike@mikeparsons.org or send letters to the above address. 
Contributions greater than $100.00 from an individual must include name, address and employer.