Narratives and Updates

Greetings friend, 

            I am requesting assistance from you with an urgent legal matter that relates to government oppression and violation of virtually every constitutionally recognized, God given, unalienable Right, U.S.C. Title 42 Chapter 21B §2000bb, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and several violations of Due Process.

            On February 11, 2014, a small army of unidentified armed men wearing camo and plain cloths with body armor raided the Parsons Farm under false pretense facilitated and lead by Parole Officer Edward Danny Johnson. The Parsons Farm is land that has been consecrated and set aside for religious purposes for the Native American Church of Nemenhah. And as such, those engaged in the raid violated the sanctity of sacred Native American Land and Federal Law. Despite the Posted Notice at the locked entrance gate to the land and my reading the Notice to them prior to their unauthorized and illegal forced entry, I was arrested at the gate and our farm and consecrated land was raided without a warrant. Then I was falsely accused and charged with possession of a weapon. T.C.A. 39-17-1307 (See Attachment)

            Although, I violated no law, I was falsely accused of possession of Mrs. Parsons’ guns, which were locked in her house. Because I do not have a key to her house, Mrs. Parsons can move her guns from her safe to her house for her safety while I travel out of town as I was that day. In this case, it was made clear that the raid was ordered by those running the Tipton County Government and their fear I might run for County Executive again. Whereas, during the raid I was asked the following by one of the unidentified men;

“Do you plan to run for County Executive this year?” I said, I don’t have time. I’m still recovering out farm from 2.5 years of being away while I was in prison for telling Jeff Huffman’s buddy to stop shooting at my family and me. Until I have the false conviction overturned, I could not run anyway. He replied. “Sure you can. Marion Berry ran for Mayor of D.C. with a felony conviction and won.” I said, is that what this bogus raid is about? Are they afraid I might run for office and win in a landslide like before? He said, “Never mind.” He then went to the house where Mrs. Parsons was and where the Parole Officer knew she kept her guns while I was away. I was taken back to the driveway well away from the house and out of view of what happened next. 

Please note the following: This unidentified man was hiding inside the truck at the gate behind Parole Officer Johnson and the other unidentified man. That both of these men were wearing plain cloths, both refused to identify themselves and when asked if they had taken an oath to uphold the Constitution for the united States of America and for The State of Tennessee in an official capacity that pertained to them being there, both refused to answer. To date, I have no proof of their identity, nor under what authority, if any, they were under.

At the house, according to the Affidavit of Pat Parsons, Parole Officer Johnson demanded Mrs. Parsons unlock and open the house for him. Just as before when Edward Danny Johnson demanded the gate be opened to facilitate the illegal access by the unidentified men, now he was demanding the house be opened to facilitate the illegal access by the unidentified men. Johnson’s demand was not so he could visit but to facilitate the unidentified men with their raid. In the house, the unidentified man asked Mrs. Parsons for her guns. Despite the fact that I did not know where her guns were and that I never had access to control or possess them, I was falsely arrested for a law that clearly had not been violated. (See Affidavit of Pat Parsons)

If not for the fact that everything you are about to read is true, one might think these accounts are associated with government oppression from a Mafia controlled third world country. However, these are real events that are happening right now in the united States of America in Tennessee. The fact is, I have effectively been kidnapped by a corrupt government cabal whose practices are void of the Constitutional safeguards established in the foundation of the republic. And, the fact is, this only occurred because we, the real freedom loving and independent people did not seek to hold positions in government. By our very nature, we do not seek to control others, as we do not need to be controlled by anyone. We instinctively self-govern. Therefore, the government was taken over by a weak controlling class which sought to obtain power through deception, then fraud and now by force.

With that in mind, my focus is getting the false charge dismissed and getting the Parole Board to lift the hold on me so that I would be able to return home to my wife and animals and where I can continue working on getting the false conviction overturned, or appeal to the Governor to exercise the power entrusted in him by We The People to exonerate one falsely convicted by the State of Tennessee.

 Please review the following synopsis of my history and consider all of the constitutional violations that would shock the senses of the sleeping giant, We The People. That We might awaken and rally behind this cause in the fight to restrain oppressive government and restore liberty.

In 2006, I was just a man who was so feed up with the Tipton County Government corruption that I decided to run for County Executive. According to news reports the night of the election, I had won in a landslide. However, the next day they flipped the vote so I challenged the election in court. Then, an unknown man later identified as a friend of the County Executive Jeff Huffman, the guy I was suing at that time over election fraud, attacked me and my family without provocation shooting 29 times at us. The shooter, Barry Laxton, was reported in a local news paper article to have confessed to Tipton County Sheriff Chief Donna Turner; “I shot at the wolves in the uninhabited wooded area across the street.” In doing so, he shot at Mrs. Parsons and I, and our pet wolf hybrid Brandi, who he shot 3 times in the back. Brandi was standing in front of Mrs. Parsons when the shooting began. Then Brandi ran toward me once she heard me yelling, “STOP SHOOTING.” Brandi was hit just as she reached me. Bullets were flying past my head as she fell at my feet. I grabbed and held her in my arms and as she was looking at me as if to say, “Daddy, I was coming to you,” she took her last breath and died in my arms. 

I then told the unidentified shooter to drop his gun and that he was under citizens’ arrest. He refused to submit to the arrest but upon instructions from his accomplice threw his rifle into the back of a truck in the field near him and then went back across the street.

When deputies arrived about 30 minutes latter I gave them the shooters rifle I had confiscated and informed them of how we were shot at and how Brandi was shot in the back and killed. The deputies refused to look at Brandi’s wounds or take a report from me or Mrs. Parsons but instead called the General Sessions Judge William Peeler at his home in Covington Tennessee, who was on the ballot of the election I was challenging in court at that time to void for fraud.

Given the facts of the challenge to the election, this being a Sunday evening at 7PM and the constitutionally mandated separation of powers, the deputies contacting a judge at home was highly suspect. Any sheriff or deputy who would subordinate his authority to decide who to arrest to a judge is either apathetic or incompetent of his position. Or, he is simply a tool or willing participant of this organized criminal cabal called Tipton County Government. The Sheriff James Todd Chumley, also elected from the election I was suing to void.

Then the railroading and official oppression was on. Including being forced to stand in judgement at a probable cause hearing where General Sessions Judge William Peeler ruled on his own ORDER to arrest, and charging me with aggravated assault. It is illegal and unethical for a judge to rule on his previous ruling. And my Motion to Recuse him for this fact as well as for his financial interest as a candidate on the ballot I was suing to void. Denied!

The Grand Jury in Tipton County is created from a list of registered voters provided by the Manager of the Election Office. Given the fact the Manager of the Election Office was appointed by the County Executive Jeff Huffman whom was suing to void the election for election fraud, it is easy to see how hand picked jurors could be tools of the County Executive, willing to indict me for anything. 

Another interesting fact is that the Jury Foreman in Tipton County, William O. Brook has been the same person who was hand picked by the Circuit Court Judge Joseph Walker III for over 20 years. It is also a fact that Judge Walker acted as Chancery Court Judge when I sued to challenge the election tabulation and after he denied my Motion to Compel the Manager of the Election Office to comply with my subpoena to produce the Smart Cards and computer used to tabulate the votes in the election, he dismissed my suite in the Chancery Court completely. The two elected Chancery Judges had recused themselves for a conflict of interest given the fact they were on the ballot I was suing to void. However, Joseph H. Walker III, of Ripley Tennessee, a Circuit Court Judge, not a Chancery Judge, who was elected in the election I was suing to void for fraud, did not see himself as having a conflict of interest. His standard of determining what was a conflict of interest was what he himself might think was a conflict of interest. However, the standard as codified in Tennessee law is, “What would the common man think might have the appearance of a conflict,” as the standard to recuse one’s self. And, under Tennessee Law, the Jury Forman is to be selected randomly and serve for only a two-year consecutive term. Given the fact that the indictment against me was only signed by the Jury Forman and not any other member of the Grand Jury, how convenient would it be for the judge to instruct his chosen one to simply sign the indictments without the Grand Jury ever hearing any proof. 

After several months spent looking for competent legal counsel, but finding no one willing to deal with the corrupt Tipton County Court, I was forced to take a court appointed attorney Rebecca Mills, whose specialty was not criminal or constitutional law but as she put it, a specialist in Social Security and Child Custody cases. At our first meeting, she advised me that she, Rebecca Mills, also from Ripley Tennessee was a lifelong friend of Judge Walker III, the judge over my case and elected from the election I was suing to void. And Rebecca Mills said she did not believe in a persons Right to self-defense, citizens arrest or the Right of a person to bare arms. She believed only police and military have a right to bare arms, defend themselves, and make arrest. She claimed the judge appointed her only because she liked dogs. She suggested I move the court instantly to replace her because she did not like criminal cases and she had only done two criminal cases had no experience with a case like mine.

            Therefore, I took her advice and with the aid of my digital voice recorder, I listed all of her quotes in my Motion. However, at the Motion hearing she denied her statements and Judge Walker denied my Motion to Recuse Mills. Then outside the courtroom I revealed to her that I had recorded our conversation by phone, (legal in Tennessee) and also her denial of her statements in the court room. When she noticed my recorder in my hand, she attacked me. We were seated on a bench outside the court room with a video camera mounted on the ceiling pointing at us when she hit me in the side with her left elbow and then grabbed my hand trying to forcibly take my recorder from me. I moved away from her, called her attention to the video camera above her, and said she needed to report her assault on me to the judge. She refused. I then reported the incident to the bailiff who informed Judge Walker but then he told me to leave, as the judge would not discuss it with me. I then called the Covington City Police because the Sheriff’s deputy refused to take a report. The police took my report and said they would obtain the video from the courthouse lobby, but he refused to arrest Mills. Days latter the Covington Police informed me the DA Mike Dunavant, also from Ripley Tennessee and also elected from the election I was suing to void, refused to prosecute Mills.

            Then the Judge Walker appointed attorney, Rebecca Mills of Ripley Tennessee filed a Motion to have me evaluated by a Psychiatrist known to be a tool for the court system. The judge ordered the evaluation over my objection for the false information provided by his appointed attorney. (Illegal in Tennessee) Then I was provided an address, date and time for the appointment. No phone number was provided. However, I discovered on the way to the appointment that the address was wrong. Then my calls to the Court Clerk Mike Forbess, also elected from the election I was suing to void, and the Walker appointed attorney Mills seeking a correct address or phone number were ignored and unanswered.

            Then Walker set a Show Cause Hearing to explain why I missed the appointment. However, he only gave me 3 days advance notice, which violates the Tennessee Rules of Court. The Rules require 5 days advance notice from the date of receiving notice. And because he scheduled the hearing on the same day and time I was scheduled for a trial (business related) in another Circuit Court in another County, I notified the Walker appointed attorney Mills who refused to do anything. Therefore, I filed a Motion for a Continuance siting the conflict of court schedules and Walkers notice not being timely. However, with Walkers appointed attorney Mills refusing to argue for me the morning of the Show Cause Hearing, Walker called my case first and denied my Motion for a Continuance. Although I was able to explain the scheduling conflict with the Shelby County Circuit Court Judge Kay Rabilio who allow me to complete the matter in her court at 09:00 and who personally called Judge Walker to confirm I was there and unable to be in his court at the same time, when I arrived 30 minutes late to the Tipton County Court, despite every effort being made including my contacting the Tipton County Court Clerk who relayed my estimated time of arrival to Walker moments before his ruling, I was arrested at the door to the courtroom by Tipton County Sheriffs’ Chief Deputy Donna Turner who claimed to have a capias that said to “Locate Mike Parsons and take him to the court.”  However, she and her goon squad arrested me and took me to the jail. There for 20 days, I lost 20 pounds through stress and starvation. The jail is privately owned but ran by and Donna Turner works for Sheriff Chumley. Despite my bond having been revoked by Walker at the Show Cause Hearing, a bond 10 times higher was available but Mills failed to inform me as did the jail until day 20. Extortion in the form of a $5000.00 Bond was the price for release from the jail. In Tennessee, a portion of all bonds goes into the Judges retirement plan. Another conflict of interest with Judge Walker who was elected in the election I was suing to void.

            Then, just two weeks before the trial, the Judge Walker allowed his friend Rebecca Mills to withdraw from representing me for the very reasons I sited in my Motion to remove her. The only difference was it being her Motion to Withdraw. Once Judge Walker removed her, he declared I would be required to represent myself without legal counsel. I objected and Moved the court for a continuance to seek legal counsel as required by the 6th Amendment of the Constitution for the united States of America. Judge Walker then Ordered his friend Rebecca Mills to now act as “Elbow Counsel and just be available in the court during the trial.” This way, he could deny me legal counsel but claim I had legal counsel without my ability to claim ineffective assistance of counsel or a violation of the Right to Counsel. This is how this corrupt Judge posing as the Court effectively denied my Right to Counsel and got away with sending me to prison in violation of the 6th Amendment, Argersinger v. Hamlin USSC 1973 and the recent Maxwell case in the Tennessee Supreme Court in 2010. All of which declare the court can not send anyone to prison unless they were represented at trial.

            Then I filed a Motion for a Change of Venue and a Motion to Recuse the Judge. I sited my pending Federal Law suite against Judge Walker for Official Oppression stemming from his false imprisonment for my being 30 minutes late to a Show Cause Hearing that he failed to provide timely notice of. My Motion for change of venue was supported by proof and testimony that showed my inability to get a fair trial including my pending law suit in the Appellate Court to void the rigged election of 2006 where Judge Peeler, Judge Walker, DA Dunavant, Sheriff Chumley, Court Clerk Forbess all having control over my case and all had a financial interest in preventing me from pursuing my suite to void the 2006 election. And let’s not forget the financial interest of the County Executive Jeff Huffman who effectively controlled the Jury pool via his appointee, the Election Office Manager. Both of these motions were denied by Judge Walker and when the Tennessee Court of Appeals denied my motions, I was forced to stand trial without legal counsel in the Tipton County Court before judge Walker and a jury hand picked by Jeff Huffman, I guy I was suing.

            Then just before the trial, the Judge Walker appointed “Elbow Counsel” Rebecca Mills informed me she had filed a motion without my knowledge while she was appointed attorney that prevented the DA from disclosing my having been forced to have a psychological evaluation, but it also prevented me from saying anything about her attack on me, my law suit against Judge Walker, the arresting officers, Chief Deputy Donna Turner or her for Official Oppression, DA Dunavant and his assistant Neal Oldham for Malicious Prosecution or Jeff Huffman for fraud over the 2006 Election.  Nor could I claim defenses she had opposed including the Right of Self-Defense, the Right to Bare Arms, the Right to Stand your Ground or the Right to Citizens Arrest.

            As much as they wanted to put me away so I could not pursue my law suit to void the election, this corrupt government also wanted to silence me to assure the public never heard the maxims of law I was promoting while running for office or on my radio program. Including the maxims that; (1) We can only give the government the power to do that which We The People have the Right to do. (2) That We can not give that which we do not posses. (3) That our Rights come from God and not government. And (4), that We The People created the government and as such, We The People are sovereign to the government and not subject to it.

            Once these maxims of law are reestablished in the lexicon of We The People, the government will had a harder time violating our Rights. Only by use of manipulation of the government systems by those listed in this corrupt Tipton County Government cabal and the illegal tricks of Judge Walker and his accomplice Rebecca Mills was he able to further prevent me from exposing the truth to an unbiased jury and the public. Their fraud upon the court was designed to further prevent me from demonstrating to the Jury and the public that We The People have and what I was exercising was, the Right to Self Defense, Right to Stand Your Ground and Right to enact a Citizens Arrest. With an informed public exercising their Rights, there would be fewer police and deputies needed as We The People would be taking responsibility for our communities and effectively eliminating their control, power and their selective enforcement of law. And with our return to a self-governing society as envisioned by the framers of the Republic, we would need less and less government. 

            I should also note the reason I was denied the ability to inform the jury that I was suing the DA and his assistant for Malicious Prosecution in the Federal Court several weeks prior to the trial. Whereas, several weeks before the trial, I was informed by the District Public Defender, Gary Antricant, also elected in the 2006 election I was suing to void, that when I went to the grand Jury to present (1) that my family and I were attacked without provocation, (2) that I witnessed three felonies committed by the shooter, Barry Laxton and his accomplice Nick King (3) that the deputies filed a false report and (4) the Assistant District Attorney Neal Oldham knowing of these crimes when the aforementioned testified at the probable cause hearing, yet he failed to charge them or dismiss charges against me,  the Jury Foreman reported this to DA Mike Dunavant who stuck his head inside the door to the Jury Room when I was presenting my evidence to the Jury.  Then DA Dunavant went to the break room and conspired with his assistant Neal Oldham to add additional charges to have me arrested again, increase my bond and face a potential increase of 50 years in prison if convicted. That is why when I left the Jury room I was stopped by one of the deputies I was suing and told I was under arrest for aggravated kidnapping via a Grand Jury indictment, despite the fact the indictment had not yet been written let alone Judge Walker had not issued a warrant. When I pointed out that the deputy only had a blank sheet of paper in his hand and I was no the phone calling Mrs. Parsons to let her know as well as my father who was also their with me in the court house lobby, another deputy jumped on my back while I stood there in suit and tie. Because he was short and I did not move, he just hung from my neck and shoulders choking me. This is why District Public Defender Gary Antricant said he had a conflict of interest and could not represent me. I had recorded Antricants’ statements and thought giving them to the (TBI) Tennessee Bureau of Investigation would cause an investigation of the corruption in the Tipton County Government and cause the charges to be dropped. Wrong! They said, “Investigate DA Mike Dunavant, we work for him.” Then I took it to the FBI in Memphis and again, no help. Then I contacted the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Tennessee. I happened to walk in just as he was walking out and when I tried to hand him the proof he refused to accept it and I was told to leave.

            As the trial began I thought I would have no problem getting the Jury to return a not guilty verdict given the fact I was able to catch everyone of the States witnesses in lie after lie. Then half way through the trial, it was discovered that the Jury members lied to get on the Jury. After questioning prospective Jurors before the trial, .the private investigator appointed to my case did a background check on the jurors. I asked if anyone was related to the arresting officer. No one responded. However, Juror #4 was the arresting officers’ mother-in-law and at that time, I had him listed as a co-defendant in the Official Oppression lawsuit in Federal Court. I asked if anyone in the Jury pool were employed by Tipton County Government. Knowing they might be influenced by the County Executive who I was suing and who might have control over their employment. Or if they or their family were employed by any form of government since I had a radio talk show dedicated to exposing corruption in government. No one responded. Juror #7 was a Tipton Countyhigh School coach whose paycheck said, Tipton County Government. Another Jurors wife was an employee of the U. S. Department of Defense. 

            Remember, the County Executive appoints the Election Office Manager. This Election Office Manager was not only responsible for counting the votes in the 2006 Election I was suing to void but was also responsible for selecting the registered voters who made up the Jury pool I had to select from. Now you should be able to clearly see how easy it is to railroad anyone into prison. And my Motion to Declare a Mistrial. Denied! My Motion to question Jurors and remove those who were found to have lied under Voir Dire? Denied! 

            Then the State Veterinary Medical Examiner who had doe a necropsy of Brandi mysteriously developed a medical condition that prevented her from appearing in Court to testify to the fact Brandi was shot in her back. And my Motion for a Continuance for the Medical Examiner to testify? Denied!

            And finally, Attorney J. Barney Witherington III, the family attorney of the shooter, had a hand in assuring I would not be able to get Diversion as opposed to a prison sentence. (1) Witherington failed to inform me that he was the family attorney of the shooter Barry Laxton who attacked my family and me. (2) Witherington refused to allow any of my Character Witnesses to testify on my behalf. A requirement for Diversion. Diversion would have been a 2-year probation followed by my record being cleared. (3) Witherington refused to object when Judge Walker made the false statement, “He threatened to kill them.” The fact is, I never threatened to kill anyone. Nor did I get within 30 feet of anyone because the shooter and his accomplice were armed. However, that lie was a requirement if Judge Walker was going to send me to prison. Despite the entire record of the trial being void of any claim that I threatened to kill anyone, Judge Walker’s lie created the basis in the record to satisfy the legal requirement to send me to prison. Judge Walker’s acts were Official Oppression and Judicial Misconduct. Both Felony offences. 

            Then, despite the weight against the verdict, including the testimony from me, Mrs. Parsons, my audio recording of my confrontation with the shooter as well as the original complaint and the transcript of the trial, the STATE OF TENNESSEE COURT OF APPEALS refused to reverse the verdict. Despite having no criminal history and the mitigating factors, Judge Walker sentenced me to 7 years at 30% in STATE OF TENNESSEE CORPORATIONS DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS. 

            The day after sentencing I was transported to the West Tennessee State Prison near Henning Tennessee. The original site of the infamous Fort Pillow, of Civil War fame where the army of Nathan Bedford Forrest massacred all of the black union soldiers after they surrendered. Then after 10 months I was given an early Parole Hearing and because both the Parole Officer and Sargent in my unit had listened to my trial on my web site, they encouraged to Parole Hearing Officer to listen and see if she too did not think I was falsely railroaded into prison. After an hour the Hearing Officer announced to me and my supporters that she had listened to some of the hearing and reviewed my record and she said, “I wish to apologize on behalf of the State of Tennessee, you should not be here. I am sorry you and your family have had to go through this. I do wish to hear from you and your supporters but I want to let you know that I am going to recommend your immediate release and I hope the Board will follow my recommendation as they usually do. However, weeks later the Board said I would have to wait until my (RED) release eligible date to be release which was 5 months away. My Parole Officer said it was due to a personalized letter from DA Dunavant claiming I was “The Most Dangerous Man in Tipton County.” He said that in the history of the Parole Board, that was the first time any DA had sent in a personalized letter of opposition for a Class C felony where there was no injury involved.  He said everyone knew it was political and the only thing I was a danger to was the political careers of the Tipton County Mafia. Then a few weeks latter, I was given a false write-up claiming I was “thinking of violating a policy.” All it takes to loose a parole grant is a write-up. Regardless if it is true or not. Considering I was in the County where the DA Dunavant, Judge Walker and Attorney Mills lived, all of whom I had pending Federal Law suits against, it should not be hard to see how they could facilitate a false write-up against me. Then just before the Parole Revocation Hearing I was issued another write-up claiming I refused to report to work. However, at the write-up hearing, my pod officer testified, “Mr. Parsons could not have refused to go to work because he was not in the pod to refuse, he was in the library. And, he does not have a job.” They still upheld the write-up and the Parole Board revoked the parole grant. I served a total of 2 years and 6 months day for day in the hell that is the West Tennessee State Prison. Now after being free for 22 months I am again falsely accused and again Mrs. Parsons and I have been deprived of my liberty.

            In this case, the State would have everyone think possession and proximity to a gun are the same. They are not. With conceal carry permits across the country, it is impossible to go anywhere and not be near a gun. How easy would it be to stand near anyone previously convicted and then tell a government goon to arrest them because their proximity to your gun constituted possession of your gun.

            The 2nd Amendment recognizes the God given Right to Bare Arms and declares this Right “Shall Not Be Infringed.” Shall not be infringed means just that. If not, the Constitution is void and therefore the Union is void and we are living in a country occupied by a group of criminals posing as government.

            In my case, I had left the morning of February 11, 2014 on a 6-day trip. When I leave, Mrs. Parsons can take her guns out of her safe and put them in the house for her protection. She locks the door when she leaves and I have no key. Nor do I have the combination to her safe. Therefore, I have no access to her guns. I never know where they are, nor do I have access. This is what is defined in T.C.A. 39-17-1307(f)3, “A person does not possess a weapon if the weapon is stored inside the safe or a similar container that is secured by a combination or key lock that the respondent does not have access to.”  When the house is locked with only Mrs. Parsons having a key, I am in compliance with T.C.A. 39-17-1307. The house effectively is a safe or container, which meets the definition of T.C.A. 39-17-1307(f)3.

            The fact is Parole Officer Edward Danny Johnson knew I was traveling that day. When he called requesting I meet him at the gate for just a moment at noon, I informed him I was traveling out of town and needed an updated travel pass for Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama and all of Tennessee for travel into the next month. He knew Mrs. Parsons had guns as she had informed him of this and of her Gun Carry Permit at the time of my parole. He also knows she also retains her Right to Bare Arms for her protection by the 2nd Amendment regardless of my condition of parole. The Parole Agreement is a contract whereby I am allowed to remain free as long as I comply with the terms of that agreement. The terms were that I do not own, possess, or carry a dangerous weapon. Not Mrs. Parsons. She has no restriction.

            My friend, this attack on me by Tipton County Government and their accomplices in TDOC is an attack on the 2nd Amendment under color of law and must be stopped for the benefit of all. Exposing how rouge Government Agencies in Tennessee are trying to systematically disarming We The People must be done now for the benefit of all. Today it is my family and me. Tomorrow it will be you.

            Right now, the government is trying to create a law that does not exist by claiming I had possession of guns they acknowledged were Mrs. Parsons. Guns I did not possess either actually or constructively. Guns I did not even know were there. Constructive possession is a legal theory. Not a law but a theory used by the corrupt Governments upon an ignorant population. Forcing them to plead guilty to a crime that does not exist in law. At a recent Parole Revocation Hearing One Edward Danny Johnson stated, “No he did not have possession of guns, but he could have!”   This same technique mentioned earlier was used by TDOC where they accused me of thinking of violating policy. The prison guard said, “No he did not violate a policy, but I thought he was thinking about it.”  This type of legal manipulation is how they would effectively prevent anyone once convicted of a felony from being near a gun. Something that would prevent family members and friends from being able to bare arms without fear of their family or friend being falsely charged with possession of a weapon.

            Both the Constitution for the State of Tennessee and Constitution for the united States of America declare the Right to Bare arms. Our Rights come from God, not from Government. This is why the Declaration of Independence states, our Rights are unalienable and we are endowed by our creator with these Rights. Meaning they can not be taken from us by Government. Nor can they be waived or otherwise be given up.

            Does the Right to Bare Arms shall not be infringed mean, “Shall Not Be Infringed?”  If not, the constitution has been rendered void by the corrupt Government and We The People have no recourse but to take back what is rightfully our.

            Article (1) Section (1) of the Tennessee Constitution says, “The power is with The People, whenever Government becomes destructive to the peace, safety or happiness of The People it is their Right and Duty to alter or abolish the Government by any means they see fit.” This truth is also reflected in the Declaration of Independence of the original thirteen united States of America in Congress July 4, 1776.

            This is also a 1st amendment Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion case. Whereby their false imprisonment of me has effectively prevented my Right to run for office and or speak out against the corruption in Tipton County Government if I had chosen to do so. And, whereas I am an Ordained Minister in the Native American Church of Nemenhah, my ability to exercise my religion has been effectively eliminated by their false imprisonment as well. By definition, this is Cultural Genocide.

            There is also the obvious conspiracy that must be exposed whereby one Edward Danny Johnson; a TDOC Parole Officer, facilitated the illegal raid and arrest by the Tipton County Government. And the e-mail from PETA, (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) whose false complaint by an unnamed person, was the ruse to gain access by Tipton County Government acting under color-of-law. Without a statement from a witness, how can a legitimate Sheriff conduct an investigation let alone order a raid. Perhaps an investigation should be made to see if there was even a real person who filed a complaint with PETA. And if so, investigate to see whom they work for or if they are beholding to the Tipton County Government. And since PETA typically use the media to gain financial support for their business I would say they and their unnamed complainant appear to be co-conspirators in this criminal conspiracy and attack on me and my family. Considering PETA has a record of killing 82% of the animals in its possession in 2013, I would say they need to be exposed for the frauds they are. According to the Center For Consumer Freedom in Washington, DC and, “a VDACS veterinary inspector exposed the animal custody records of PETA and 84% of the animals PETA took in were killed within 24 hours. Apparently PETA chooses the death needle versus care and nutrition once an animal is left in its care.

            In contrast, Mrs. Parsons and I have dedicated our lives to the care of our animals and for over 30 years have done so and have never considered killing any. God gave them life and we do everything in our power to preserve that life despite the cost. Our vacations consist of a relaxing ride in the country, to a feed store.

            Mr. Johnson would have you think he is only there to assure compliance to the parole rules and he would never do anything to falsely take away anyone’s freedom. However, I met a TDOC employee who was once a Parole Officer like Mr. Johnson, and she admitted they were told to violate parolees if their spouse had a gun despite being in compliance with State Law and being inaccessible which did not violate parole rules. When asked if it was done to keep the prisons full, or to show high recidivism rates or perhaps to force the people of Tennessee to disarm, she simply smiled and said, it seems like it would accomplish all of the above.

            My friends, by shining the light on the crimes this corrupt Government has committed against my family and me perhaps those responsible will be exposed. And perhaps the Government will hold them accountable and restore my good name, honor, and reputation. Or, perhaps, We The People will take responsibility and follow the prescribed remedy listed in Article (1) Section (1) of the Tennessee Constitution. I pray God will light our path with wisdom and grant us the courage to walk it.

Walk Sacred,
Your Friend,
Mike Parsons
Political Prisoner
a.k.a., Mike from Tennessee


Connecting the dots to the railroading of Mike Parsons

I ran for County Executive in the 2006 General Election in Tipton County Tennessee. Upon discovering vote rigging I sued to void the election which would have not only resulted in a new election for the CountyExecutive but every position on the ballot.  Including:  Sheriff, General Sessions Judge, Circuit Judge, Chancery Judges, District Attorney, District Public Defender, Court Clerk, County Register, Constables, County Commissioners and County School Board Members.

2.      Circuit Court Judge Joseph H. Walker III illegally acted as Chancery Judge and despite his conflict of interest of being on the ballot I was suing to void, denied my subpoena of the smart cards and tabulation computer and dismissed the suit.  I then went to the Tennessee Court of Appeals. 

3.      During the lawsuit my family and I were attacked without provocation by Barry Laxton.  Unknown to us that he was a friend of Jeff Huffman, the County Executive.  Mrs. Parsons and I witnessed Laxton shoot 29 times at us and our pet wolf-hybrid Brandi who he shot in the back at my feet and she died in my arms.

4.      I was arrested by Tipton County Sheriff’s deputies at the Order of General Sessions Judge William Peeler who then Ruled on his own false charge of aggravated assault at the Probable Cause Hearing.

5.      I was indicted by a Grand Jury that was hand picked by the Election Office Manager who was appointed by the County Executive Jeff Huffman while I was suing him over the rigged election.  The Jury Foreman signature was the only one on the indictment and he was hand picked by Circuit Court Judge Walker.  Despite Tennessee Law requiring the Grand Jury Foreman be randomly selected and only serve for 2 years, this one picked by Judge Walker has served for over 20 years.

6.      I was forced to stand trial without counsel by Judge Walker who refused to recuse himself despite my pending Federal Law suit against him Official Oppression and Judicial Misconduct and he Denied my Motion for a Change of Venue siting my inability to get a fair trial in Tipton County and my law suit against the DA.

7.      I was forced to stand trial before another hand picked jury selected by the Election Officer Manager who was appointed by the County Executive Jeff Huffman.

8.      I was prosecuted by the DA Mike Dunavant who had a history of attacking those whose political views differed from his and who I was suing in Federal Court for Malicious Prosecution due to a conspiracy to falsely charge me with additional charges including aggravated kidnapping.  The conspiracy was disclosed to me by the District Public Defender Gary Antricant whose assistant overheard the conspiracy plan revealed by the DA to his assistant Neal Oldham in retaliation for my presenting the crimes of the shooter, arresting officers and the assistant DA to the Grand Jury.

9.      I was convicted by Jurors who lied under Jury selection questioning. Including the arresting officers mother-in-law who failed to disclose her relationship when I specifically asked if she was related to the arresting officer.  I had named him as a co-defendant in the Federal Lawsuit along with the Circuit Court Judge for Official Oppression.  Another Juror lied when he failed to disclose he was employed by Tipton County Government.  I had asked him if he was specifically employed by Tipton County Government since I was suing the County Executive and I had a radio talk show locally where I exposed corruption in Government.

10.  I was denied an impartial Judge, Jury and Prosecutor.

11.  I was appointed Attorney J. Barney Witherington IV at the Sentencing Hearing.  After the hearing he disclosed he was the family attorney of Barry Laxton, the guy who initiated and unprovoked attacked on Mrs. Parsons and I and who murdered our pet wolf-hybrid Brandi.

12.  Witherington refused to allow my witnesses to testify as to my character, a requirement for Diversion.  I had been approved for Diversion by the TBI since I had no previous criminal history.  I would have only served two years on probation and then the conviction would be expunged.  That means the charge would be completely removed from the record as though nothing ever happened.

13.  Witherington refused to object when Judge Walker said, “He threatened to kill them.” This false statement was how Judge Walker circumvented my ability to be given Diversion and send my to prison.  Although no one ever accused me of threatening to kill anyone and my recording of the event proved that never happened, Judge Walkers’ lie, became part of the record.

14.  The Tennessee Court of Appeals completely ignored the facts and law supporting my innocents.  It was clear when a Judge on this Court who had recently written the opinion in the Maxwell Case in 2010 was replaced and it was the replacement judge who wrote the opinion in my case.  Clearly someone had stacked the deck with a hired gun there to ignore the facts in my case.  Why? Because the Judge who wrote the opinion in the Maxwell case which mirrored U.S. Supreme Court opinion in Argersinger v Hamlin in 1973, requiring a person sent to prison be released if he was not represented by counsel at trial was over my case.

15.  Then the Tennessee Supreme Court closed the door to any hope for justice by denying my petition for review.

This is how State of Tennessee Corporation can railroad an innocent man.  This is how Government bureaucrats, clearly found complicit in criminal activity are protected.  In this case, State of TennesseeCorporation, Tipton County Corporation and their accomplices conspired to deprive me of my freedom of speech, my property, my peace and my liberty by official oppression and malicious prosecution.  The State of Tennessee Corporation’s  accomplices in the media assured this information was never reported in the news.  And while in prison, both of my Federal Lawsuits were dismissed by the 6th Circuit Court Clerk.  I never had my day in the Federal Court system.  Therefore, there was no accountability for the State of Tennessee Corporation bureaucrats who were protected by other State of Tennessee Corporations and United States Corporation bureaucrats and their accomplices in the media.

Since being arrested on February 11, 2014, I was moved to a State of Tennessee Corporation prison in the mountains of East Tennessee 350 miles from home.  Despite the law requiring a Probable Cause Hearing in General Sessions Court within 10 days of arrest if I remain incarcerated to determine if probable cause of a violation of the law exist, to date, I have had no such hearing.  

Despite the Rules of Parole requiring a Parole Probable Cause Hearing occur within 90 days from the date of incarceration to determine if probable cause of a violation of conditions of parole exist, to date I have never had no proper Parole Probable Cause Hearing.

However, on April 17, 2014, a Parole Probable Cause Hearing was scheduled, but what occurred could at best be described as an unfair hearing or at worst, a Kangaroo Court.  With the Hearing Officer ignoring the Parole Hearing Rules and denying my right to testify, cross examine States witnesses, present evidence and call my own witnesses what occurred could not be called hearing.  For 60 days prior to and again at the Hearing, my repeated request for access to the Hearing Rules, the Cause and Nature of the Charge, the alleged Parole Condition violation and access to a secure phone line to consult with legal counsel and witnesses was denied by TDOC’s BCCX site 1 Parole Officer, Warden Eric Qualls, and the Parole Hearing Supervisor and Hearing Officer.  These denials are just a few in a long chain or denials of access by TDOC which demonstrates a systemic attitude of deliberate indifference toward me and my family.

At the Parole Probable Cause Hearing which was held via teleconference, my witnesses and I could see the Hearing Officer on one side of the split screen and Parole Officer Edward Danny Johnson and the unknown men who help Johnson, forced his way through the locked gate and house and who asked if I was going to run for County Executive this year.  At the hearing the unidentified man claimed he was Michael Green, a Tipton County Employee.  After he read his prepared statement I asked if he was an officer and other questions that clearly made the Hearing Officer upset.  I then asked if he had read the entire section of the code he claimed I violated.  He said yes.  Then I asked if he had read the Exception to the law that read; and just as I began reading the exception, Parole Officer Edward Danny Johnson began gesturing the hearing Officer to cut me off.  So I quickly read the T.C.A. 39-17-1307 Exception that if guns were locked in a safe or other similar container where the key of combination was not possessed by the respondent then the law was not violated.

At that moment, the Hearing Officer immediately stopped the hearing and declared she had found probable cause.  She clearly ignored the law which indicated there was no violation and she refused to allow me to present my proof.  Then my witnesses and I observed Parole Officer Johnson and Mr. Green celebrating by laughing and patting each other on the back.  Their celebration is indicative of their motivation to deprive me of my liberty via this Kangaroo Court and it’s perverted procedures.

From February 18, 2014 until September 04, 2014, I was locked up in what is considered the equivalent to Maximum and Close security under controlled movement.  Despite my being classified as minimum security custody level, I was housed with others classified as medium and close custody.  Despite being no risk to anyone, my repeated request to be moved to a minimum security facility closer to home for the benefit of my elderly parents and my wife who works full time and is caring for our animals which prevents their making the 700 mile round trip to see me was denied.  For 7 months, all of my request for legal resources were denied and or never responded to. All of my requests for access to the law library were denied.  I filed several grievances to the warden regarding denial of my most basic rights.  He failed to reply to any.  Including:

1.     Being denied proper nutrition resulting in my loss of 22 lbs. in 35 days.  At 6’5” and 52 years of age, I went from 195 lbs. upon entry to TDOC, BCCX to 173 lbs. As a very active sentient being with a high metabolism, I have virtually no body fat and all of the weight lost was muscle.

           My requests for access to legal resources to work on my case were denied by BCCX staff.

3.     My requests for access to legal counsel via secure phone line were denied by BCCX staff.

4.     My request for return of my legal mail taken from me upon arrival and ongoing problems with my legal mail being opened outside of my presents, lost or delayed by BCCX staff.

I had also filed complaints of sexual harassment and theft of property facilitated by BCCX staff and discrimination based on my religious convictions, political views and being of Cherokee descent.  In nearly 7 months, only 1 grievance was ever responded to and only by the level 1 grievance officer.  That being the complaint of legal mail being opened outside of my presents which she excused as “expected due to the fact all of my mail was legal mail.” My response was if they knew I only get legal mail, this should never happen.

Then, after my mother appealed to the Lieutenant Governors Office, I was moved to the Turney Center Annex in Clifton Tennessee.  TCWC is a minimum security facility about 150 miles from home.  Most of the guys here are in a Federally funded Drug Program.  I am on a community work crew paid for by the counties where we work.  I earn 34 cents per hour for 30 hours despite working 37 hours a week. This is how they pay for the prison system and why getting parole is rare.  Here they like to keep people in prison as long as they can.  This is what happens when the institution becomes more important than the cause for which the institution was created.  State of Tennessee Corporation is running a “Prisons for Profit” through its TDOC and the Parole Board works for TDOC.  Can you say, conflict of interest? 

On October 09, 2014 I was scheduled to have a Parole Revocation Hearing.  However, several days earlier I was moved to the Turney Center main site in Only Tennessee and placed in the hole to await the Parole Hearing.  Then hours latter I was told to pack up and put back on a bus to TCWC.  At the hearing I was asked to waive my right to advanced written notice and to waive my right to legal counsel so they could prevent me from having any of my witnesses or legal counsel.  I said I do not waive any of my rights.  I demand all of my rights be afforded.  The Hearing officer was not happy but rescheduled the hearing.

November 13, 2014 a Parole Revocation was scheduled but what happened can only be called another Kangaroo Court whereas the States witness Michael Green was a no-show.  However, the Hearing Officer allowed Parole Officer Edward Danny Johnson to present Michael Green report as fact.  Therefore I was denied the ability to cross-examine Green or his otherwise inadmissible statement.  The TCWC Parole Officer Turman refused to fax my evidence to the Hearing Officer.  The Hearing Officer ignored the T.C.A. 39-17-1307 exception and even the statement by Johnson that “No you did not have possession, but you could have,” was not enough to force the Hearing Officer off her predetermined course of action to deny my freedom based on a false charge. Once again the Hearing Officer refused to follow the rules.  I was denied legal counsel, the ability to present my evidence, cross examine witnesses or challenge their evidence.  Then my appeal to the Parole Board was also denied.  This is how corrupt government bureaucrats who have sold their souls to their State of Tennessee Corporation God willfully sacrifice an innocent man on the alter they call “The System” and railroad him into prison.  The Redress? RICO the Cabal, or revolution. 

On 3/25, I was moved to TCIX and told I could only go to the library with a pass and they only give out passes after you submit a written request and send it through their mail system. Then on 3/27, I was moved to WTSP, West Tennessee State Prison where I was held in confinement until 3/30 when I was taken to the Tipton County Court via a video monitor in their jail closet. (Interesting that Judge Walker refused my demand to be taken into the court as required by the Rules of Court.) Then on 4/1, I was taken back to TCIX where by a series of refusals to access the library and 2 days on lock down until 4/9 I was effectively denied access to the court by being denied access to the library and mailroom. Despite my verbal request and my submitting multiple written requests to access the library and mailroom with a legal deadline, the library C/O Crowder and mailroom C/O’s, Tilman and Turner claim they never get my request. Plausible Deniability…They are playing a game with my life and that of every other person here trying to meet a legal deadline. If you have a legal deadline, getting access to the library here is like pulling teeth.

On 4/9, I was finally allowed in the library, but after 20 minutes, I was ordered to go to the clinic. There, Dr. Campbell told me I had to take a TB test or chest x-ray or go into isolation. I asked, why was he doing this? I sited that I have never taken a TB test as it is against my religion, that I had refused the TB test upon arrival to TDOC on February 18, 2014 at BCCX and every time thereafter. I stated that since I have no symptoms, there is no medical reason to isolate me. Isolation when not medically necessary would only serve to punish me or prevent me from accessing the library to complete my legal filings and thereby effectively deny me access to the court. Again, I asked, why are you doing this? Dr. Campbell said, “ I am doing what my boss told me to do.” I said, really, even if you know it is medically unnecessary? He said, “yes.” Then he claimed there had been a TB out-break a while back where they had to isolate everyone for a long time. I asked when that happened. He said around 1995. I said really, 20 years ago? He then listened to my chest and examined me for symptoms of TB. There were none. I reminded him that when he met me at TCWC in December, I had informed him I had never taken a TB test, chest x-ray, flu shot, head x-ray, blood draw, DNA swab or any of the other unnecessary medical experiments they like to do to people upon entry to TDOC. And that he and I had discussed natural treatments for several things including the skin condition on my face. He had looked at it and said it looked like the beginning of skin cancer and he agreed with me that “Blood-root” would be the best natural therapy to use. However, he was prevented from authorizing me to use what he himself recommended to his patients in his own practice. I said, TAKE NOTICE, it is a violation of the (RFRA) Religious Freedom Restoration Act to force STATE OF TENNESSEE CORPORATIONS Religion upon me via their religion of allopathic medicine. And that to isolate me was punitive and contrary to TDOC policy. He pulled up the policy and I showed him where it clearly said, he is to examine me and only if symptoms were present could he consider isolation. Therefore, since there were no symptoms, there was no reason to isolate me. For him to isolate me with his understanding that I have no symptoms of TB would be malpractice and criminal in nature.

At that moment, the Medical Director walked into the room. He apparently had been watching and or listening via hidden camera or intercom. He asked me what the problem was. I politely said, good morning, I am Mike Parsons, I am an Ordained Minister in the Native American Church of Nemenhah. He stopped me and said, “you’re an Ordained Indian? I can barely hear you.” (Please note that before I went into Dr. Campbell’s office, he was on a conference call and with the door slightly open I could hear someone on the call say, “you can’t lock him up without symptoms but you can under a psychological evaluation if he gets loud or make an outburst. Try to piss him off.”) So I spoke slightly louder, Oh, I am sorry, My name is Mike Parsons, I am an Ordained Minister in the Native American Church of Nemenhah. My body is my temple through which I do my ministry and as such, I do not use western medicine and I only use what my creator gave me. I have never had a TB test since arrival to TDOC in February 2014. At that time, I explained to them my religion and after they consulted with their legal staff, they requested I sign a refusal form. They said the legal advisor said I was to be left alone and not segregated for refusing their medicine. And for the past 6 months I have been at the TCIX Annex in Wayne County where Dr. Campbell met me in December. At that time he learned I do not take any pharmaceutical drugs, I do not put needles in my body, nor do I expose myself to x-rays or anything that is harmful to my body. Today, Dr. Campbell is threatening to isolate me even though he has examined me and I have no symptoms of TB. Even though the TDOC policy does not authorize him to do so. Even though he has known that I do not do TB test since December when he examined my face and at that time it was not an issue. And at that time he even agreed with me that “Blood-root” would be the best thing for my skin condition even though TDOC would not let him authorize me to use it. His only reason to isolate me is that as he said, his boss told him to. And he would do anything his boss tells him to do. Apparently even doing things that Dr. Campbell knows to not be medically necessary. A clear violation of his Hippocratic Oath and law. 

Given the facts that his boss has not examined me, the pattern of behavior I have demonstrated to refuse all of TDOC medicine, and history of TDOC to recognize my religion, to now force their form of religion upon me at this point 30 days before I am released and despite the medical file here showing my refusal to TB test since arrival and my having no symptoms of TB, isolation of me would only be punitive and or serve to deny me access to the law library where I just came from and where I am working on a legal deadline. If that be the case, then the acts of TDOC would be criminal. 

After I explained this to him, he asked me to wait outside the room. Then after about 10 minutes he left and I was called back into the room where Dr. Campbell asked me to sign yet another refusal form. Then he claimed he would not have sent me to isolation. He was just testing me to see if I was sincere in my religion. It was just a test. RIGHT! I was then sent back to my room and denied return to the library. 

Now for anyone who thinks this is simply coincidental, bad timing or bad luck and not orchestrated efforts to deny me access to the court, consider this.

Since my arrival to TCIX on April 1, 2015, I notified the TCIX staff in the unit where I am kept of my legal deadlines. I submitted written request to library C/O Crowder and Principal Millay for a pass to the library to work on my cases with pending legal deadlines. I sent request every day from April 2 through the 17th. I also made two verbal requests to C/O Crowder and Principal Millay. All were denied. Except for April 9, 2015, a weekend date where a different C/O was in the library, the regular C/O Mr. Cass Crowder, refused me access. Then on April 15, 2015, the Unit pod officer told me he would issue me a pass to the library since he knew I had a legal deadline and thought they were just playing games with me. Upon arriving at the entrance to the library C/O Crowder refused to honor the pass and threatened to write me up for being out of place, despite my have a pass in hand. He said to send a “two-way.” I said that I have sent a two-way every day since April 2, 2015 and you have not responded to any of them. He claimed he has never received any request from me. That is interesting, since he issued me 2 passes on the 2 days we were locked down and could not go to the library. How convenient. My unit manager even said he notified the library that I had a legal deadline. Upon return, the pod officer said he was chewed out by the Captain for giving me a pass.

The next day, a different pod officer was there and said they removed the regular pod officer. I told him what happened and he said they were wrong, they were supposed to give me a pass anytime the library is open when there is a legal deadline. He issued me a pass and said to go to the library. There C/O Crowder again refused to allow me access and sent me back. Upon return, the pod officer said a lieutenant chewed him out. The next day that pod officer was also gone and I was issued a write-up for being out of place despite having a pass.  

Furthermore, when I arrived at TCIX on April 1, 2015, I sent two-way messages to the mailroom on April 6, 7, 8, 9, 15 and 16 of 2015 requesting access to the mail room to weigh my legal mail for proper postage. On April 9, 2015, I was issued a pass to the mailroom. There I was given incoming legal mail but denied the ability to weigh or get postage rates for my outgoing legal mail. I was told to send another two-way message. On April 15, 2015, I was issued a pass to go to the mailroom and upon arrival told I was not on the list and they refused to weigh my outgoing legal mail for postage. I was threatened with a write-up for being out of place despite having a pass. Then on April 16, 2015, I received a reply to my two-way message dated April 15, 2015. It stated, “This is the 1st 2-way we have received.” However, they did not issue me a pass despite my two-way stating I needed to weigh legal mail and that the deadline had passed. Their denying me access is deliberate indifference at best or an intentional denial of access to the court facilitated by denying me access to mail services. 

The fact is, the two-way message requirement they impose is a tool that provides them plausible deniability to avoid providing access to the library, mailroom, and effectively denies access to the courts. The fact is, there is no two-way requirement listed in TDOC policy, State or Federal statutes and codes. This illegal requirement demonstrates a complete lack of respect for my 1st Amendment Right of Redress of Grievance, Rights to Freedom of speech, and Right to Freedom of Religion.

The TCIX staffs denial of my access to the library and mail room in a timely manner has effectively denied me access to legal resources in the TCIX Library and U.S. Mail Services through the mail room as required by law. To date, they have caused the delay in my meeting a legal deadline for filing a petition in the Chancery Court of Davidson and Circuit Court in Tipton County. Their denial of access to the court for redress of grievance is unconstitutional and a burdened upon my religion. 

Their actions demonstrate a pattern of behavior of willful neglect, manipulation, and intimidation. Or, as Dr. Campbell said, are they just doing what their boss said to do? Either way, they are all violations of TDOC policy, State of Tennessee statute, Federal code for accessing U.S. Mail Services and U.S.C. Title 42, Chapter 21B, §2000bb. As I recall, several Nazi’s were tried for war crimes and genocide despite using the defense, “We were just doing what we were told.” As I recall, it did not work then and unless “The System” is willing to expose itself as a complete fraud, it should not now. 

Then on April 17, 6 days after my 1st legal filing deadline, I was called to Principal Millay’s office and all I can say is I think I have seen a hybrid in person. Her inability to understand English was mundo-bizaro.  Her reactions were robotic. She asked if I had a legal deadline, I said yes, and when I tried to present the documents showing her the deadlines, she said, “STOP! We are not having a conversation. I do not want to look at your legal documents” Then she said, “Do you have a letter from a judge telling me you have a deadline?” I said no, a judge does not…And as I tried to state that a judge does not write letters to prison staff specifying legal deadlines as that would be giving legal advise, again she said, “STOP! We are not having a conversation.” I said, when you ask me a question and I answer the question, by definition that is a conversation. “STOP! Do not speak. STOP! Do not speak. Do you have a letter from a judge to me telling me a date that is a deadline?” At that point I realized I was not dealing with someone or something normal so I just opened the Court Order showing the date it was filed on March 03, 2015 and the date Judge Walker signed it which was March 09, 2015 and said according to Court Rules I only have 30 days to reply to this Order which was filed before it was ever signed by the judge. It is illegal. Then she said, “That is all you had to do is show me where you needed to go.” Now I receive a pass every day. However, they are not passes to the library. The destination on the passes are to, you guessed it, “legal deadline.” Apparently, she views a legal deadline as a destination and not a condition or time constraint.

I wonder if George Noory, the radio talk show host on Coast to Coast AM would be interested in this close encounter of the bureaucratic kind? 

Apparently the of attitude of the Library staff changed somewhat after I filed a Grievance on C/O Crowder and Principal Millay April 13, 2015. Whereas, for the next 10 days I was able to access the library with a pass and without much of a fuss.  Then, on April 23, 2015 as I arrived at the library I was ordered to go the clinic by C/O Crowder.  I asked why he was sending me there since I do not use the clinic.  He claimed he did not know but had a smirk on his face like the cat that swallowed the canary.  There, Mike Coker, the Mental Health Administrator claimed the Associate Warder asked him to speak to me about the grievance I had filed.  Acting surprised, I said, oh, do you also process grievances?  He said no. I asked, have you read my grievance?  Again he said no.  Therefore I knew he and his office were only being illegally used as a tool by TCIX staff to derail my grievance by  attempting to create the illusion of a psychological condition. During our brief conversation I simply explained the basis for the grievance, the grievance policy and how it was a Title 6 issue.  That their denying me access to the court via denying me access to the library and mailroom was discriminatory.  That their discriminatory actions were directly motivated primarily against and a burden upon my politics and religion. I noticed he had a sign on his desk of Sigmund Freud.  I asked if he was a fan of Freud.  He seemed uncomfortable about the question and claimed it was meant to be a joke.  Trying to lighten the moment, I asked, what is the old Freud joke from college, are you either anal expulsive or anal retentive?  Referring to Freud’s’ view that everyone’s problems stemmed from potty training as a child.  I hope he remembers that the illegal manipulation of what is otherwise a Soft Science at best and a speculative opinion and worst will not bode well for them in a RICO trial for organized criminal conspiracy to deprive me of my freedom by denying access to the court and Due Process.  Again, this is just one more tactics in their arsenal of tricks and tools to evade the truth.  Considering the posted mission statement of TDOC emphasizing “at all times support the agency”, clearly their motivation in this case is not rooted in support of the truth but the fraud and lie that is the TDOC division of State of Tennessee Corporation.   

On May 16, 2015 I was released from prison. Having completed the 7 year sentence for false charges, I was released to the custody of the Tipton County Tennessee Sheriff’s department and then released on a $5,000
bond pending the false charge of a violation of T.C.A. 39-17-1307, felon in possession of a gun.  I was scheduled to appear in the Tipton County Circuit Court on June 26, 2015 for a report date with an attorney.  At that time I announced that I was there by “Special Appearance Only and asked to confirm that this was a court of record and if the court recorder was recording the event.  Judge Walker stated it was on the record.  I asked then why was I never given a copy of the transcript of the motion hearing just prior to the trial in 2006 where the court appointed attorney withdrew and I was forced to stand trial without legal counsel and why page 33 of the sentencing hearing was missing.  The court appointed sentencing hearing attorney J. Barney Witherington IV was is sitting in the jury section with a smirk on his face.  I pointed at him and stated I had requested those transcripts from him, the court, the court clerk as well as the court reporter and not one of them has replied. Walker stated I could buy a copy but he would not require the State to pay for it.  I stated that Walker had declared me indigent and that I was entitled to a copy free of charge.

He said request denied.  I then stated that I had filed a Motion to Dismiss siting there had never been a Probable Cause Hearing and according to the Rules of Court the indictment must be dismissed pending a Probable Cause Hearing.  Walker said he was not hearing that today and all he wanted to know was if I had hired an attorney.  I said no, I seek legal counsel.  I don’t use attorneys.  I have spoken to a few but with the holiday approaching; many were out of town and would return my call next week.  He said to come back on July 31, 2015.   I returned on July 31, 2015 and informed the court again that I was there by Special Appearance only and that I was having difficulty finding anyone who could provide counsel due to the fact they were not sure of the jurisdiction of the court.  Since the court refused to follow the rules and dismiss the indictment.  I asked if this was and Admiralty court. Walker refused to confirm or deny this but only said, admiralty has to do with water.  I asked for the source of the jurisdiction and rules he was going by.  He said “I’m not going to tell you, you will have to Google search it.”   He said come back in 10 days with a licensed Tennessee BAR card attorney.  I asked if the BAR stood for British Accreditation Registry.  Again he refused to confirm or deny but said it was an association of lawyers.  Then for the next 5 months I was given notice for MICHAEL PARSONS to appear in court and each time I announced I was there by Special Appearance only, that I was not the MICHAEL PARSONS corporation or trust they were pursuing.  That I did as Walker has suggested and "Googled" the form of court he was conducting.  And at the information listed on the "Lawfully Yours" tab at the top of the home page exposed the proof the they were posing as a court but were in fact operating a private for profit administrative tribunal with no protections of the Constitution for the United States of America or The Constitution for the State of Tennessee Republic.  I discovered the Walker, DA Dunavant and the Clerk Mike Forbess were all personally profiting from the convictions they achieved in their private for profit administrative tribunal.  I discovered the BOND v. UNITED STATES 2000 case and in the Clearfield Doctrine that the U.S. Supreme Court admitted the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT and every STATE OF and every COUNTY OF were in fact private corporation and not real governments.  They were in fact posing as government and as such they had no authority and only if you were fooled into consenting into a fraudulent contract with them could they put anyone in their private jail or private prison.  I then went into research mode and verified they are in fact private for profit corporation and had no sovereignty.  The Supreme Court clearly stated that it was the people who were in fact sovereign.  Now, before you get excite about the word sovereign which has been demonized by the government who does not want you to know the real definition of that word, please do the following.  Simply search the old definition of Sovereignty and you will discover it means creator.  Just as God is sovereign to his creation, so are we.  Therefore, since the people created the government, the government would be subject to the government.  The people would be the sovereign.  However, the original organic government was high jacked and now what you have is a corporation posing as government.  A corporation that has in fact committed fraud and treason.  Because Walker would not exposed to form of court nor the Rules, Codes, or regulations he was under because that would undo their scam operation perpetrated by the American Bar Association who they have taken an Oath to support which supersedes they oath to the constitution, and who's American Bar Association is an off shoot of the London Lawyers Guild and the American Communist Society, it is easy to see their loyalty is to those that have nothing to do with the truth, or preserving and protecting our freedoms and liberties.  Then on December the Charges and indictment was dismissed.  However, I was subsequently false charged on January 12, 2016 and held in the private for profit Tipton County Jail now call the Tipton County Correctional Facility which the State of Tennessee said they have no oversight and where I was starved and assaulted receiving 3 broken ribs and denied medical care.   I am now facing another trail date of January 10, 2017. 

Dear friends, patriots, truth seekers, lovers and defenders of freedom and liberty and those who simply wish the Government would leave them the hell alone.  If you have read my narrative of events this far, you are apparently alive, awake and aware of the systematic attack on We The People in America.  Today it is me and my family under attack by corrupt Government.  Tomorrow it will be you.  That is, if you are independent of Government.  Or, if you are vocal against Government oppression and control over your life.  Then my friend, you are their target. 

Remember, the corruption of our State via a corrupted government, not recognized by the Constitution only occurred because We, the real freedom loving and independent people did not seek to hold positions in Government. By our very nature, we do not seek to control others as we do not need to be controlled by others.  We instinctively self-govern and self regulate.  We are that moral and decent people worthy of a Free Republic.

In our absents, Tennessee and by all accounts most every other state government has been overtaken be the same weak controlling class which sought to obtain power through deception, then fraud and now by force.  Then, while they were voting themselves raises and immunity from accountability by We The People, their minions in the courts were using a perverted judicial system with the illusion of impartiality to destroy anyone they viewed as a threat.

As for me, the only solution I can see at this point is an exoneration of all charges.  The Governor of State of Tennessee Corporation has the power to declare my innocents via an exoneration.  Therefore, I ask that you prayerfully consider contacting Governor Bill and encouraging him to exercise the power entrusted in him by We The People of Tennessee to Exonerate Mike Parsons of the false charges.  He can be reached by writing Governor Bill Haslam, State Capitol Nashville Tennessee 37243, bill.haslam@tn.gov615-741-2001 and please copy Mrs. Parsons at,

Sample Letter, E-mail or Phone Call

Governor Haslam, I____________ request that you demonstrate your desire to protect one of We The People of Tennessee from the actions of an oppressive and corrupt Government in Tennessee by Exonerating Mike Parsons of the false charges that have imprisoned him in the Tennessee Department of Corrections.  Your immediate action to exercise the power vested in you by The People of Tennessee is requested.  Sincerely,____________________ 

Feel free to include excerpts from this narrative in your communication as you see fit.

On January 1, 2016, I was appointed as the Ambassador of the sovereign Tsilhqot'in Nation, Country of Chilcotin, working to restore the native children kidnapped by the Canadian Child Ministries and working on a billion dollar timber deal that would provide jobs for Chilcotin tribal members, as well as people from Tennessee involved in the production, harvesting and management of their timber resources. In the Summer of 2016, the U.N was served notice of the new County of Chilcotin, seeking peaceful relations with the people of the world.

My friend, for to long they have viewed our kindness as weakness, our silence as acquiescence and our patients as indifference.  This has to stop.  This is our time.  This is our history.  What we do today will determine if our posterity will inherit freedom and peace or slavery to a criminal cabal of Government bureaucrats.  The decision is yours.

Walk Sacred,
Your friend,
Mike Parsons
Political Prisoner
a.k.a., Mike from Tennessee


My social history includes the fact that prior to the false charges that sent me to prison as a result of running for office, I had no criminal history.

However, I have a Mechanical Degree from Southwest College, I was a Special Missions Pilot and Officer in the United States Air Force Civil Air Patrol, a former Special Deputy with the Shelby County Tennessee Sheriff, a former Manager with Federal Express over Aircraft and Trucking operations in East Tennessee, an Adjunct Faculty Member at Southwest College, Licensed General Contractor, Licensed Building Inspector, Radio Talk Show Host on The Voice of Truth with Mike Parsons. 

A radio ministry dedicated to exposing the corruption in government and restoring our Constitutionally recognized God given rights and teaching my fellow man how to be independent, self sufficient and self-governing. As a man of faith, I was saved at 5, baptized at 8 and now an Ordained Minister by the Native American Church of Nemenhah and recognized as a medicine man and traditional leader. My way is focused on practicing and promoting reliance on our creators ways of natural health care, living independent, self-governed and in harmony with all of Gods creation.

I am a farmer and with my wife of 30 years, Mrs. Parsons and I raise organic hay, dairy goats, horses, rabbits, chickens and for 38 years I have raised wolves. I have worked to educate the public and dispel the false myths that wolves are dangerous to man and have provide wolves to autistic children and families seeking the world’s best family companion animal. 

Mrs. Parsons and I have raised our son in ministry and music and he has attained many successes in both including performances at Julliard Music Conservatory, a Music Minister and conductor for several churches and Orchestras.  He has traveled the world playing music and now is the Director of Bands for the largest private Christian School in America.

In 2015 I was appointed to the position of Associate Chief Justice and made tribal member of the Tsilhqot'in Nation for efforts with getting their children back from the Canadian government.

Like the corporations posing as government here, Canada profits off the backs of the people including Native American children they kidnap for a $250,000 profit per child  they use to balance their books.

On January 1, 2016, I was appointed as the Ambassador of the sovereign Tsilhqot'in Nation, Country of Chilcotin, working to restore the native children kidnapped by the Canadian Child Ministries and working on a billion dollar timber deal that would provide jobs for Chilcotin tribal members, as well as people from Tennessee involved in the production, harvesting and management of their timber resources. In the Summer of 2016, the U.N was served notice of the new County of Chilcotin, seeking peaceful relations with the people of the world.

My friend, for too long they have viewed our kindness as weakness, our silence as acquiescence and our patients as indifference. 
This has to stop.  This is our time.  This is our history.

What we do today will determine if our posterity will inherit freedom and peace or slavery to a criminal cabal of Government bureaucrats. 
The decision is yours.


Bill Boyer
FedEx MD-11 Captain Retired 
 Cordova, TN 38018 
September 3, 2010

Government Officials/News Media/Parole Hearing Officer

and Fellow Tennesseans, 


As a witness to the railroading of Mike Parsons at the Kangaroo Court in Tipton County Tennessee I am writing to report to you that there has been a miscarriage of justice that warrants intervention by you today.   Michael Parsons, an outspoken Tipton County citizen, was denied due process when he was falsely accused, then tried and sentenced by a judge who had a vested interest in seeing Mr. Parsons incarcerated.  Parsons, who (with his radio talk show) had ruffled the feathers of corrupt Tipton County politicians and/or public servants, was unjustly silenced by this politically corrupt cabal by being railroaded through a trial in Tipton County. 

A little background…

            Judge Walker had previously denied a recount in a hotly contested election involving both himself and Parsons.   Parsons then had initiated a civil rights suit against the judge in Federal Court, and the case was still pending when Walker conducted a criminal case in which Parsons was the defendant

These are the facts:

1)     Mike Parsons was subsequently (unjustly) charged with a crime after attempting to exercising his right to perform a citizen’s arrest of two men, one of which was Barry Laxton who lives down the road from the Parsons Farm on Hughes road in Brighton Tennessee and who testified he shoot 29 times into and in the direction of the Parsons property, in the direction of Mike, his wife and pet wolf-hybrid Brandi whom he hit and killed.  Testimony revealed that Laxton shot at Brandi as she ran from Mrs. Parsons to Mr. Parsons.
2)     Mike's trial was before Judge Joseph Walker III, against whom he had a Federal lawsuit for Official Oppression when Walker incarcerated Mike for being 30 minutes late to Motion Hearing Walker failed to give Mike advanced notice of as required by Court Rules.
3)      Mike's court appointed attorney Rebecca Mills of Ripley Tennessee, attacked Mike outside the court room after he exposed her lying to the court and he requested she be replaced.  The Walker appointed social security attorney assigned to counsel Mike for a charge she had no experience with retaliated by getting her buddy, Judge Walker to order Mike to have a psychological evaluation by a psychologist who was known to be a tool for the government.  The rigged evaluation recommended Mike have further evaluation and when Mike sought out another evaluation by a disinterested psychologist who said Mike was completely fine, the court ordered another evaluation but let the trial go forward without the evaluation ever being done.
4)      He was forced without legal counsel against his demand.
5)      When it was revealed that a juror had perjured herself to get on the jury, Judge Walker denied Parsons’ motion for mistrial and even denied removal of the juror until forced to do so by testimony embarrassing to the judge;
6)      Throughout the trial, Judge Walker exhibited blatant partiality toward the prosecution.  He visually “cued” the prosecution to object to Parsons’ questions of the witnesses, sustaining all the prosecution’s objections and denying all Parsons’ objections.  
7)      Walker declined to allow Parsons to recall witnesses for the purpose of impeaching another witness’ testimony and allowed the prosecution to mischaracterize, and misrepresent facts as politics trumped truth in this travesty of justice.

 8)    Although Mike was denied Legal Counsel, had no criminal history, and was approved for diversion by the TBI and TDOC, he was sentenced to 7 years in prison in violation of U.S. Supreme Ct. Agersinger v. Hamlin;

Tipton County Court Judge Joe Walker let his own personal interest interfere with the conduct of legitimate jurisprudence in a trial that was conducted the week before Thanksgiving, 2009.  How convenient now for Judge Walker to have a chance to pre-empt Parsons’ ability to pursue his lawsuit against the judge.

After Parsons was convicted by the jury of only a Class C felony, Judge Walker revoked his bond and incarcerated Parsons pending sentencing, though Parsons had never been charged with any other crimes and had a spotless record.  At the sentencing hearing, the Walker-appointed local attorney J. Barney Witherington IV who knew that there were eight to ten character witnesses present in the court waiting to give testimony on Parsons’ behalf yet Witherington refused to call those witnesses to the stand, because he knew that these testimonies were required for Mike, who had no prior convictions and was the poster child for diversion, to qualify for diversion which in the end was against Judge Walker’s DA Dunavant and County Executive Huffman's  financial interest.  The truth is that Michael Parsons was a thorn in the side of corruption which he attempted to expose through his radio talk-show program on a local AM station, and through his run for local office (similar to County Mayor), for which he had initially been reported the winner.  Since (possibly) Witherington’s livelihood depended on his ability to argue cases before Judge Walker…it appeared that Witherington would be “better off” if he just didn’t frustrate Walker’s efforts to lock Parsons up for an indefinite period of time, so the local politics came into play one more time and Witherington did a less-than-stellar job for his client. Or did he.  It was latter discovered that Witherington was actually the family attorney of the shooter, Barry Laxton who killed Mikes pet Brandi.  And though an excellent candidate for diversion, Mike was sentenced by Judge Joseph Walker III to seven years for a Class C felony.

As Parsons attempted to mount his appeal with the aid of friends-and-family-supported counsel, Judge Walker and his “good-old-boy” network did everything to frustrate, delay, or prevent the appeal altogether.   Motions that Parsons wrote and submitted from his cell were mysteriously misplaced, misfiled, or never made it to the Court Clerk’s office to be filed.   When I called to request a transcript in June (seven months after the trial) I was told by the trial’s court reporter that the transcript had not been ordered by the judge and, though required by law to provide an indigent defendant with a free copy of the transcript, she declined to do so until ordered to do so by Judge Walker.     

This is not justice.   

Gentlemen, I implore you to take direct interest in exposing this corruption and seeing that justice is done for Michael Parsons and every citizen who stands against this corruption.  Exonerate Parsons’ who is actually innocent so he can resume his life and support his wife and allow him to continue to speak the truth; and launch a full-scale investigation into the corruption of the Tipton County Justice system.

William Boyer

The Trial

Motion for Continuance Denied

Prior to the trial I had filed a motion for a continuance, sighting the 6th amendment to the U.S. Constitution requirement that I be provided proper legal counsel for any trial that could ultimately take away my liberty or property. I also sighted a U.S. Supreme Court case, Argersinger V. Hamlin, which states “if a person is forced to go to trial and not provided an attorney as equally good as the prosecution, or State, that the judge can not send that person to prison if found guilty”. Judge Walker denied my motion.

Motion to Recuse Judge Denied

Before the trial began, I moved Judge Walker to recuse himself for his being a defendant in a Federal Civil Rights case where he was implicated in a conspiracy to deprive me of my Civil Rights and liberty. That because he had a financial interest in that case, he could not stand in judgment over me. His interest would be to find me guilty in order to prevent me from pursuing my lawsuit against him while incarcerated. This would also prevent me from exposing his corruption, fraud on the court and other crimes he committed in denying me due process in the court.

Jurors lie to vordire questions not held in contempt of court

During vordire questioning, no lie was too big for them to assure they made it onto the jury. The jurors denied all of my questions, including:

Are any of the potential jurors related to anyone involved in this case, including myself, the states witnesses, the judge, prosecutors, sheriff’s deputies or court personnel?
Was anyone employed by government or related to anyone employed in government?
I explained that if they had any connection to any of these two questions to the 6th degree of separation, they must state so.

Did anyone listen to my radio show?
Did anyone remember that I ran for County Executive in 2006?
These were important because I had radio and TV commercials running for months and the local paper had published a full page article about my run for office. I had placed almost 40 billboards and over 300 yard signs throughout the county; plus the fact that my name was on the ballot. Not one would admit they knew any of this when questioned.

Was anyone afraid of, or did anyone hate dogs or Native Americans? Two people of the 25 present said they were afraid of dogs and they were released.
Only after the trial was it revealed that almost all of the jurors were either employed by government, related to someone they was employed by government or held a deep resentment against me for my radio show of exposing their corrupt friends.

Exposing Juror #7

After the 2nd day of the trial was half completed, the private investigator appointed to my case informed me that juror #7 was the mother-in-law of the arresting officer, Jeff Fletcher, who was a defendant in two separate civil lawsuits that I had filed related to this case. One was filed in this Circuit Court and the other was in the U.S. District Court where he was listed as a co-conspirator to violate my civil rights and deprive me of my liberty.

Immediately after I was notified about the conflict of interest by juror #7, I notified Judge Walker and the DA and moved the court to remove her and have her take the stand to answer why she had not disclosed this fact. Judge Walker refused. Judge Walker argued that we did not know if she knew her son-in-law was being sued. I replied “You don’t think her daughter has told her that her husband is being sued for $10million? I think she has.” He still would not remove her. I stated that juror #7 was tainting the jury pool and I moved the court to declare a mistrial. Judge Walker refused. It was only after the trial that I was informed that several other jurors were employed by government and/or related to government employees. One juror was in fact the coach of a local Tipton County High School and one was the husband of a lady that worked in the Navy office of personnel finance. The jury was “stacked” with people who were there specifically to find guilt regardless of the facts presented.

Judge Walker Signals Assistant DA Walt Freeland to Object though out the Trial

According to the affidavit of Mr. Bill Boyer, a witness to the entire trial, Judge Walker would signal assistant DA Freeland when I was questioning witnesses. The DA would object. The intentional nature of the signaling was so obvious that Mr. Boyer was able to clearly see the exchange of signals from Judge Walker to Freeland. Interestingly, the judge called Mr. Boyer to the stand to question him as to his presence at the trial. It appears that Judge Walker was trying to eliminate Mr. Boyer from observing the trial because he noticed the signals from Judge Walker to Freeland.

Assistant DA Freeland Becomes Hostile that I was Recording the Trial

During the trial, Freeland moved the court to forbid my recording the trial and sighted the court reporter as the only recording that needed to be going on. I asserted I have a right to record the trial and if Freeland did not have anything to hide, he should not worry, otherwise he should be careful what he says.

Laxton’s Admissions

On the stand, Laxton admitted he shot 29 times at Brandi. He said he was cutting the grass when he first saw our dogs Brandi and Dude on our property. Interestingly, he said he finished cutting the grass and then went inside his home further down the road, got his gun and returned to shoot from his property at them on our property. He then crossed the street to continue shooting at them. When questioned as to when exactly was he afraid of Brandi, he said when she ran towards him. That never happened; I was a witness that she was only in my next door neighbor’s pond and she only ran to me, which was in the opposite direction of Laxton. He admitted to shooting onto our property, where my wife was standing and then in my direction as Brandi ran toward me. He claimed that he did not see me.

However, he did say he heard me screaming to stop shooting and saw me at that point. He admitted he had no reason to come onto my next door neighbor’s property, across the street from where he lived other than to shoot at our pets.

He admitted that he had testified differently at the probable cause hearing. At that hearing, he swore that I told him to get down on his knees. However, now he said that I just told him to get down. That was because he had been told by the DA what to say, because I had given the DA a copy of the recording of the event. Laxton admitted that he wrote a letter the night of the event as to what happened and in that letter, he never stated anything about a claim that I put a gun to his head, forced him to his knees, nor did he claim that he could see the spirals of the barrel of the gun. The DA, Walt Freeland, argued that Laxton’s memory got better several days later. I remarked that his memory got even better after he heard a recording of the event and the fact was that at no time did I put a gun to his head, let alone point one at his head because I never got within 30 feet of him. In fact, the recording revealed me telling him to stay back as he advanced toward me. Apparently, he had no fear for his life and there was no threat to his safety because he crossed the road advancing on our dog, Brandi, and then towards me. That was because he was armed the whole time with his rifle at first, and then with a pistol in his pocket.

King’s Admissions

Just like Laxton, King’s memory became better with time and listening to my recording. King admitted that the night of the event, he too wrote a statement that indicated I screamed to stop shooting and walked toward Laxton after he stopped shooting and said “Put your gun down, you are under arrest, citizen’s arrest.” But there was nothing about a claim of putting a gun to his head, or saying get on your knees or that he could see the spirals of the gun. That is because he was never closer than 50 feet. He too was armed with a pistol in his pocket with his hand in his pocket holding the pistol pointed at me, even though my pistol was in my holster or by my side. Interestingly, a week later, he claimed that I had my gun to his head as he called 911. The recording clearly revealed his call and my telling him to inform them I was making a citizen’s arrest. He admitted to interfering with a lawful citizen’s arrest and holding a gun in his pocket that was pointed at me. Interestingly, when the 911 operator asked him for his home address, he refused to give it and he refused to give his address again at the trial. I learned after his testimony that he had been divorced by his 1st wife a year earlier for lying and lack of fidelity, and that his new wife of less than one year had also filed divorce papers for his lying and lack of fidelity. This was an issue of honesty I was going to question him on to challenge his credibility as a witness, but the judge denied my ability to call him as a witness in spite of the fact that I had listed him as one of my many witnesses who I had subpoenaed… more denial of Due Process by Judge Walker.

Officer Walls Admissions

Tipton County Sheriff’s Officer (TCSO) Walls indicated in his report “Parsons gave no statement.” Only after I played the recording of my meeting with him and TSCO Arender, did he remember that I told him at the scene that a man who I later learned was Barry Laxton shot at my wife on our property, shot at me while I was on my next door neighbor’s property and shot and killed our dog Brandi while she was running toward me. I had asked TCSO Walls and Arender to come and see Brandi’s wounds that showed she was shot in the back from a long distance. The recording disclosed their refusal to look at Brandi.

TCSO Walls denied calling Judge Peeler from the scene that night while on the stand under oath. That is, until I showed him his cell phone record that revealed his call to Judge Peeler’s home, a copy of the phone directory for Covington and the listing that he identified was in fact that of Judge Peeler. The number listed in the directory for Judge Peeler was the same on his cell phone call list for the night and time of his dispatch to the scene. It should be noted that Judge Peeler was a candidate in the 2006 Tipton County General Election that I had challenged at that very time and therefore had a financial interest in this matter. If I won the challenge, Judge Peeler would have to run for office again and anyone could run against him. Therefore, he had a financial interest in me and this event. Officer Walls admitted it was Judge Peeler who ordered my arrest and that I be held without bond. Therefore, when Peeler stood in judgment over me at the probable cause hearing, he violated my civil rights and due process and the ethics of his office by ruling on a case of probable cause when he had already made that determination when he ordered my arrest.

Officer Arender’s Admissions

TCSO Arender tried to act as though he knew nothing and heard nothing; that TCSO Walls did everything. That was until I played the recording; he then admitted he told me that I was being arrested at the direction of Judge Peeler. He admitted that it was he, Arender, who came to the field after I was brought back from the jail to look for Brandi, and it was he who stumbled across Brandi in the dark and said “I found her, she is over here.” But it was someone else who said “It was an opossum.” seconds later. Arender also admitted he gave my USB thumb drive that he did not know was a voice recorder and was recording when he took it for me to my friend Chip Ward.

Judge Walker Denies my Right to Call Witnesses

As every witness was questioned that the prosecution had called and then those that I had called, I reserved the right to recall all witnesses for, among other things, the purposes of impeachment. Also because there was evidence and conflicting statements and testimony from the State’s witnesses that I needed to impeach. Judge Walker denied my right to recall the State’s witnesses and denied me the right to even call those witnesses I had subpoenaed that were also the State’s witnesses. Judge Walker denied my right to even call the arresting officer, Jeff Fletcher, who arrested me after the indictment and who assaulted me in the lobby of the courthouse and who could authenticate the courthouse video of his assaulting me. Judge Walker denied me the ability to play that video. Judge Walker denied my right to show the video the State gave me as discovery which showed King explain how Laxton shot and killed Brandi after he came across the street and the direction he shot when I was yelling and the shots were flying past me.

Judge Walker denied my right to present defenses and expose the conspiracy by DA Mike Dunavant to falsely charge me with kidnapping after I sought an indictment against his assistant 10 months after the attack on my family by Laxton where I was falsely charged with assault for telling Laxton he was under arrest. Judge Walker denied my right to question the Public Defender, Gary Antrican, and his assistant, Lyle Jones in front of the jury, but only let me question them with the jury out of the courtroom. This prevented them from learning about the conspiracy of the DA, Mike Dunavant and his assistant that was witnessed by Lyle Jones. The jurors were denied the ability to judge the statements for Antrican and Jones.

TCSO Investigator Neslie ‘s Lies and Admissions

At the scene, Neslie said that his step-daughter had a wolf hybrid and it was very gentle. Then, when I questioned him on the stand, he denied that statement and said that she kept it in a cage because it was dangerous. He also denied that he said he would come back to our property to see Brandi if she was found. He then acknowledged that he recalled I had called him when I found her, but he refused to come see her. I had a recording of this conversation, but the judge would not let me take a break to find it.

Attorney Mills Tries to Damage my Case and Gave Ineffective Suggestions

The once appointed attorney, Rebecca Mills, who was removed from the case two weeks before the trial upon her own motion and argued against her helping me given the fact she was listed as a defendant in the federal Civil Rights case, kept trying to interrupt me with suggestions of questions that had nothing to do with the case. Her questions were only intended to confuse the jury. When she informed me she was anti gun ownership for common citizens, it was apparent that she wanted me found guilty so I would lose my right to own a gun. Her attitude was “how dare a commoner have a gun”. Guns are for police, military and a select few like judges and attorneys. The elite you know…She was hostile towards wolf hybrids. She believed that the jury would never believe anything but the “Little Red Riding Hood” effect about a wolf hybrid and they would conger up false images to demonize me by demonizing my pets.

Mills also told me to allow the court to include lesser offenses for the jury to consider. This was malpractice, whereby the jury could consider offenses I was never charged with as a tactic of eliminating the all or nothing fact that the prosecution did not prove the case they put up against me for aggravated kidnapping. So by confusing the issue, the jurors might misunderstand the standard of finding guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and over analyze lesser included offenses that they were never presented with during the trial.

Judge Walker Orders a Rule 31 to Confuse the Jurors Who Acquitted Me on All Kidnapping Related Charges

It was apparent that despite the lack of evidence to prove any of the charges against me, the jury wanted to give the prosecution something, but not give me a death sentence by falsely convicting me of kidnapping; whereby the judge could have given me 25 years for each charge, in essence a death sentence. Interestingly, after the judge heard the jury return a NOT guilty verdict as to the kidnapping and all related charges, he, on his own, employed a Rule 31 to pool each individual juror if they had any questions as to guilt or innocents. All said not guilty, but one man said he had questions about the lesser included offence of attempted kidnapping. Walker interpreted that as though this juror thought I might be guilty. Remember, the standard of proof beyond a reasonable doubt was not met and a question of might does not surpass the standard for a conviction. In spite of the fact that he said not guilty, the judge twisted his initial question to state the prosecution may retry that charge if they choose. According to the Tennessee Rules of Court, page 738, Rule 31, Advising Commission statement paragraph 2 states this would be Double Jeopardy.

Judge Walker Immediately Revokes my Bond and Orders Me to be Taken into Custody

When the jury returned a verdict for the charge of aggravated assault, a Class C felony, the judge could allow me to remain free on bond pending appeal, but he chose to have me locked up in the Tipton County jail pending the sentencing hearing.

Judge Walker Reveals His True Psychopathic Personality

Judge Walker had no legitimate reason to send me to prison. It appears this was his intention from the beginning as he lied in the sentencing hearing to give justification to his action. In doing so, he committed fraud on the court by inserting false facts into the record. He repeated that I “threatened to kill them as I held a gun to their heads”. He repeated this several times and that I was a threat to the community. That was the opinion he wanted to brand into the record for the TDOC, the appellate court, the media and to use to keep me in prison. Judge Walker sees me as the enemy because I am awake and honest and willing to stand and speak the truth to expose the corruption and lies of Tipton County and the predators like him who are in offices across the country. Just like when I had Toyota looking at coming to Tipton County with their truck plant, a situation the old boy network could not stand. They think citizens with an income are the biggest threat to their agenda. When people can afford to hire good attorneys from out of town and can pay to run for elective office, they take control of their communities. That is what the corrupt elite are worried about. The fact is, I never threatened to kill anyone. I was never accused of having threatened verbally, or otherwise, to kill anyone. There was no complaint or testimony that I threatened to kill anyone. The recording that I have at the scene during the event revealed that I never said I was going to kill anyone. I said repeatedly to stop shooting, put your gun down, you are under arrest, stay back; you are under citizen’s arrest. This is a right the law recognizes and provides for a means to arrest when you see a felony committed in your presence and when someone has attacked you and your family in front of you and killed your dog that they thought was a full blooded wolf.

Witherington’s Ineffective Counsel and Refusal to Call Witnesses or Disclose my Social History

Witherington’s ineffective counsel and refusal to call witnesses or disclose my social history denied my 6th amendment rights to proper legal counsel and required elements for diversion. I had filed for diversion prior to Witherington being appointed and I gave him a list of witnesses and my social history prior to the sentencing hearing. It became apparent that Judge Walker had appointed me another tool for the court who was working against me. At the hearing, he refused to call any of my witnesses, all of whom were in the courtroom waiting their opportunity to speak on my behalf. My wife, an electrical design engineer, my mother, a senior financial analyst with the U.S. Navy, my father, a retired contractor, my sister, a senior vice president for a regional bank, friends Bill Boyer, Fed-Ex MD-11 captain, Vernie Klugan, retired Fed-Ex DC-10 captain, Mary Hill, Training specialist for Fed-Ex, Chip Ward, local business owner, and Jim Jones, retired paralegal and military pilot were all in attendance.

Witherington failed to recite my social history, including being a former manager with Fed-Ex over aircraft and trucking operations in East Tennessee, a former adjunct faculty member with Southwest Tennessee Community College, former and current owner of several local businesses, a Tennessee licensed General Contractor and Home Inspector, having earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering, a licensed weapons permit holder for almost 20 years, a former United States Air Force Civil Air Patrol Pilot performing DEA, counter-narcotics, customs and special missions flight operations, a licensed pilot, local farmer, and having 30 years experience working with wolves and wolf hybrids. Being 48 years old and having absolutely no criminal history, not only qualified me for judicial diversion, but the woman making the decision said that I would have been the poster child for diversion , if there was one. None of this was mentioned by Witherington and therefore was not put into the record.

Witherington’s Connection to Laxton, Refusal to Fulfill Obligation and Lies

After sentencing, Witherington exposed his connection to Laxton, refused to fulfill his obligations in preparation for a new hearing and lied about ordering the transcripts. Only after the sentencing hearing, does Witherington inform me that he was in fact Laxton’s family attorney, a direct conflict of interest.

Witherington informed me he requested the transcript but after 30 days, I was informed he never did. Witherington also refused to include the relevant issues in my Motion for New Trial. This was important because if they were not included, then the appellate court would not consider them at the appeal. The statute requires that all issues to be argued at the appeal must be included in the Motion for New Trial. Instead of working on my case, Witherington spent his time calling local attorneys to see if they would take my case. Witherington said that I never should have been appointed an attorney because I should be have been able to find one for a few thousand dollars. He claimed he was working for the State in this effort. In spite of the record showing the Supreme Court initially declaring me indigent and then Judge Walker approving me for indigency status and appointing an attorney, Witherington spent his time trying to prove their decision was in error and that the court should not have given me an appointed attorney. The court never hired him to do this, but apparently he billed the court for this effort. Consequently, the court never removed me from indigency status. Only when a friend paid a private attorney to take the case to protect me from Witherington, was I able to get a Motion for a New Trial filed with most of the issues listed.

Freeland Uses Adhominems to Demonize Brandi and Me

Freeland repeatedly called Brandi a wild wolf during the trial and sentencing. I objected to this at the trial several times as being prejudicial; and that Freeland was testifying to facts that he had no knowledge of. I was not allowed to object at the sentencing hearing because Judge Walker had appointed Barney Witherington to represent me. Freeland also disparaged my Cherokee heritage and religious beliefs and traditions at the sentencing hearing which had nothing to do with the case. Here again, Witherington refused to object to this abuse.

The Covington Leader, Tipton County’s Propaganda Machine, Spins the Lies

From the original headlines tying my run for County Executive and the false charges against me, it was obvious the Covington Leader was working to spin lies to the community that would demonize me and prevent my ability to work in the community. The original report did however, reveal one very important think. They quoted Laxton stating he “shot into the uninhabited wooded area across the street”. The wooded area was in fact the front of our property where Pat was standing. This was an admission of reckless endangerment. The article published by the Covington Liar, as referred to by many, is nothing but a pack of lies. They are known as simply a tool for the status quo corrupt “ol boy network” of Tipton County.

New Attorney, Mike Working, Abandons my Case

Working agreed to file the Motion for New Trial and work toward getting me out of prison on a bond pending appeal immediately and promised to take my calls. He also has promised to come and see me four different times. I told him not to waste the time driving here, but to just take my calls so I could communicate the facts of the case. He has refused my calls since he was paid an initial payment. Although he did file a Motion with the issues I presented, he did not provide the case law I mentioned or any case law for that matter. Working failed to get my file from Witherington or Mills, but chose to drive to Covington to look at the file multiple times. He refused to get a copy of the file from Pat. He also failed to assure the transcript was ordered. He complained that Witherington and the court personnel lied to him. He stated in his last letter that he did not have time to take my wife’s calls because he was working in the kitchen at his restaurant. He never said he was a part time attorney. He also said he had over 100 clients in prison and did not go to see any of them. He spoke of how he was very effective for several who never paid him a cent, but in my case, where he was paid, he fails. In one letter, I asked him who he was working for, me or the State. He said neither. Could that mean he is working for the court? Also, he failed to inform me he had only been an attorney for 5 years. Apparently he takes his clients money but fails to attend to the cases timely. I don’t know if he is scared or just lazy. It looks like I will have to file my own motions as it appears he has abandoned my case.

From the judge allowing the legal counselor he appointed 7 months earlier to withdraw just weeks before the trial and refusing to appoint another or continue the trial, forcing me to represent myself with little preparation, to juror #7 being identified as the arresting officer’s mother-in-law half way through the trial and the judge refusing to declare a mistrial, or even remove her at that point, it was clear that this was an inside job. It now appears that several other jurors also were Tipton County employees, or were related to government employees in Tipton County. With a stacked jury, it was easy to railroad me. This jury has denied me the ability to act in defense of my family, or enact a citizen’s arrest. Like a well planned and executed production, all of the actors hit their mark. The judge who orchestrated the show denied me due process. The prosecutor, a master deceiver skilled in the art of deception and illusion, completely void the truth. The jury members were all related or beholden to Tipton County government or the Ol’ Boy Network.

After the verdict was read, a group of minions of the Ol’ Boy Network could hardly contain themselves, laughing and giggling as they scurried from the court to report back to their powers of darkness. Immediately upon the reading of the verdict, the judge ordered me to be taken into custody, despite the fact that I am allowed to remain out on bond for these types of charges. This will prevent me from filing much needed motions before the filing deadline.

I want to thank everyone who came to the trial to support me and all who are praying for me and my family. Given the fact that I had had only 8 hours of sleep in the 6 days leading up to the trial, it was your prayers and support that sustained me during the trial. I also pray God’s people will help my wife, Pat, who is now my only source for communication. For now, they have silenced the Voice of Truth, but I pray that Christ’s witnesses will not be silenced. Let their voices be heard; let the truth be known.