Welcome to “The Voice of Truth.” 

The Mid-South’s only local radio talk show dedicated to exposing corruption in government and restoring our Constitutional Rights and Liberties.

Let’s face it, right now, we, a free people, are in a not so free environment.
But does it have to be that way?
Along this journey on the road to truth you will have to ask yourself.
Do you have the courage to step out of the boat?
Will you have the strength to stand before the giant with just a sling and a stone?
If they take your guns, that’s all you’ll have. 
And with all the voices calling out to you, will you chose to listen to the voice of truth,
or will you blindly follow the government propaganda media host of the world who are paid to not tell you the truth. 

Make no doubt…
We are in an information war…
But together, we will identify the problems facing us today and we will also identify the solutions.

The Voice of Truth